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belarusbeaver symphonyoffallentrees
Artist: Belarus Beaver
Title: Symphony Of Fallen Trees
Genre: Grindcore
Release Date: 29th July 2022
Label: Grind To Death Records

Review Flash

A Swedish Grindcore band singing about beavers? Really??? Yes! BELARUS BEAVER hail from Gothenburg, Sweden and play Grindcore or should we say Beavercore? ‘Symphony Of Fallen Trees’ is the band’s third full-length record and with tracks like the beaver worshipping Ode ‘God Among Rodents’, the horror comedy ‘The Ravenous Revenge Of The Werebeaver’, the title track or ‘Another Fucking Song About Beavers’ you just have to admit the bands mettle to just keep on writing stuff about beavers is kinda impressive. OK I also have to admit that Grindcore is, among the Extreme Metal subgenres I listen to, the one that just grind my gears and literally makes me physically unwell after about five minutes (every song feels like three tracks stuffed into a few short minute periods). So, I guess I am not made for Grindcore at all, if you dig this genre, I think you might like this band as they are skilled when it comes to what they do musically.

Conclusion: If you like musicians to stomp their material into your brain with force and maximum grittiness you might enjoy this.

Rating: 5 / 10

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