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nemedian chronicles thesavagesword
Artist: Nemedian Chronicles
Title: The Savage Sword
Genre: Epic Metal
Release Date: 23rd February 2024
Label: No Remorse Records

Review Flash

It was four years ago, the planet was being raw-dogged by a pandemic, Trump was president (or evil overlord depending on your point of view / education) and I was trying to take a hold on my dwindling sanity. In this year I was contacted by a friend of the band that managed to raise my interest. Ok, it was not that hard to convince me to review a band whose sole lyrics is based on the work of Conan creator Robert E. Howard. Sound-wise we have a mix of MANOWAR and early BLIND GUARDIAN which should bring a fuckton of people to buy ‘The Savage Sword’. The Epic Metal trademarks are on full display throughout the entirety of the material, we have big intros, spoken word parts and epic arrangements with tracks varying between four and over nine minutes. Front man Alexandre Duffau evolved a good bit in the last four years, from a decent singer to a vocalist that often reminds me of BLIND GUARDIAN’s Hansi Kürsch (which is a huge compliment coming from me). So, if you are into Epic and Power Metal you will have to check this out, this might be the Epic Metal release of the year. Oh, before I leave: yeah, I know that Robert E. Howard also created Solomon Kane AND King Kull....

Conclusion: You like CIRITH UNGOL, MANOWAR and BLIND GUARDIAN? Check this out!!!

Rating: 9 / 10

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