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08 hucknallKönig Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
23rd December 2012
Aida Night of the Proms with Jupiter Jones, Remy van Kesteren, Naturally 7, Anastacia, John Miles, Mick Hucknall

Classic meets Pop! That’s the motto of the Night of the Proms (NOTP) since 1994, when the first event of that kind was taking place in Dortmund. The 75 head grasping classic orchestra Il Novecento plays the classics and accompanies, together with the Electric Band, the Pop stars. And those stars were extraordinary also for this year’s edition with ANASTACIA or MICK HUCKNALL among others. Orchestra, band, choir, backing singers and stars together with an extraordinary light show delivered once more an extraordinary concert evening where popular music from 300 years of musical history were presented.

This show on the day before Christmas eve was an additional date and also it was the very last one and thus would have a special standing amongst the myriad of shows that had already been played. NOTP shows are always special with their mix of classics and pop. This year’s edition again was quite modern and proved once more that classical concerts are not boring but really entertaining. Usual classic concerts have no real show effects, the NOTP is different with an extraordinary light show and big LED elements and screens in the back. Anything is exactly adjusted to the three hours show supporting the mood of the particular piece of music. Also the sound is very important, especially when you are using so many classical elements. Over the years, technicians improved the sound more and more and so, you could now experience a high-class concert sound. A little downer at the show on Oberhausen was a certain echo of the voices reflecting from the back walls, disturbing the sound a little.

01 orchestra02 backingsingers
Orchestra Il Novecento                                               Backing Singers

The Show

The night was opened bringing a sleuth of classical force into the venue by the fabulous Il Novecento orchestra covering large parts of the stage and with the help of vocal artists NATURALLY 7 presenting their very own brand of music showcasing what the human voice is capable of doing except singing with 'Feel it in the Air Tonight' before harp talent REMY VAN KESTEREN had us treated to his dexterity that created such soft yet impeccable sounds with that instrument. The first to enter the stage and to be known by a larger part of the crowd in attendance should have been JUPITER JONES who've received an increased amount of attention ”recently”. The band that seemed to comprise only nice guys started right up with the calming sounds of 'Nordpol Südpol' that raised a huge applause right away turning into rave excitement when 'Still' was up on the playlist that with the enormous support of the orchestra was added a richer an even more poignant dimension. After a long farewell speech they rocked off the stage with 'Immer Für Immer' that contrary to the usual used the little pocket lights everyone was equipped with to shape a visual to the rhythm.

03 remy04 jupiter
Remy van Kesteren                                                    Jupiter Jones

Now enough with the modern and through t some classical virtues with REMY VAN KESTEREN who already was I position on an elevated platform right in the middle of everyone, filling everything with just the movement of his fingers on the ancient harp instrument while the orchestra now were adding a blue light show. Before, they were just made an introduction, but now NATURALLY 7 came upon the audience full force, playing rock and pop music that was entirely created with their voices. I mean, you all have probably heard someone doing beat boxing. Just not in the way those guys were doing it that evening. If you wanted a guitar, you got a guitar, or a bass drums and whatever you can imagine in the blink of an eye with precision and verve, and humour that almost made you forget those guys weren't backed by an entire band. Well, well no rest for the wicked. Just a little announcement and the stage was open for the lady of the evening ANASTACIA and her opening 'Left Outside Alone'. While she had some vocal problems in the early stages of the song, she got back on track quickly and enchanted all of the venue with the bluesy charm in her voice and the way she made the audience fix their attention solely on her was astonishing

05 naturally06 anastacia
Naturally 7                                                                Anastacia

A little break of about 20 minutes was due now in order to catch a breath to get some drinks and whatnot before we were in for a battle of epic proportions with the orchestra on one side and NATURALLY 7 in the other corner and both sides gave everything so that at the end of it all no one could clearly be designated as winner. The only fact is that they made sure everybody had a good time altogether. Close to the end o f the battle JOHN MILES came out of nowhere and started with 'Music' and an impressing stage presence. But that wasn't half of the good impression he left before he would step up to the piano right in the middle of the orchestra to play the song 'Angel'; something that has been kept in the family since until this very moment where it moved the hearts of a thousand people sitting or standing in the venue. Last but not least there was THE attraction of the evening coming up with Mr. Mick Hucknall, the voice of SIMPLY RED. I give it to you straight, I was pretty surprised by how many songs I actually knew for a long time that were played within the scopes of the window he had like 'Something Got Me Started' or 'If You Don't Know Me By Now', which is practically a cover version but one of the most successful.

07 miles08 hucknall
John Miles                                                                 Mick Hucknall

Well… it's not nearly over yet if you thought that. Following a speech of gratitude for the entire crew that made this show possible every single evening (Thanks guys), the evening was closed with an all-star version of 'Hey Jude''.

The Setlist

01. Naturally 7 – Feel it in the air tonight (Phil Collins Song)
02 Il Novecento – Overture: Die schöne Galathee
03. Remy Van Kesteren – Allegro für tanzende Harfe (played in the middle of the audience area)
04. Il Novecento – The good, the bad & the unknown bandit
05. Jupiter Jones – Nordpol-Südpol
06. Jupiter Jones – Still
07. Jupiter Jones – Immer für immer
08. Remy Van Kesteren – Asturias
09. Remy Van Kesteren – Moldau
10. Patrick De Smet, Carlo & Guest from the audience – Schlittenfahrt
11. Naturally 7 – Wall Of Sound
12. Naturally 7 – While my gentle guitar weeps
13. Anastacia – Left outside alone
14. Anastacia – Best of you
15. Anastacia – I'm out of love

- break -

16. Il Novecento – Toccata und Fuge
17. Remy Van Kesteren & Patrick De Smet – La vida Breve
18. Naturally 7 & Il Novecento – Battle
19. John Miles & Naturally 7 – Music
20. John Miles – Angel
21. John Miles & Anastacia – I belong to you
22. Il Novecento – Beethoven's 5th Symphony
23. Mick Hucknall – Holding back the years
24. Mick Hucknall – Stars
25. Mick Hucknall – If you don't know me by now
26. Mick Hucknall & Naturally 7 – That's how strong my love is
27. Mick Hucknall – Something got me started
28. All Artists – Hey Jude (The Beatles Song)

09 moderator10 all
Moderation                                                                Final Song with all artists

The mix of classic and Pop is surely not easy, but the concept of NOTP succeeded once more. Pre-Sales for next year’s edition have already started. And even though you might not be into classic or into this kind of Pop music presented there, the event is highly recommended.

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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