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intro2016 is coming to an end and it is time now to look back what the year brought us. In this article, our editor Phil Blackmarquis shares with us his top 20 of the best albums/ EP's of 2016 in the category “wave music”, which includes new-wave, darkwave, postpunk, synth-pop, minimal synth, EBM, etc. You’ll find albums you’d probably expect but there are also some bands you probably never heard of. And the top positions might surprise… And now, enjoy reading!

20 cruisectrl letsrockNo. 20: Cruise [Ctrl] - Let's Rock
It's the 5th full-length album of this Belgian duo and once again, it's brilliant minimal techno / ambient music.

19 ascetic everythingisbecomingNo. 19: Ascetic - Everything is becoming
This young Australian trio (now based in Berlin) delivered a perfect sophomore album, which evokes JOY DIVISION and SWANS.

18 enzokreft turningpointNo. 18: Enzo Kreft - Turning Point
This musician had released two tapes in '83 / '84. This year, he came back with a compilation and a brand new CD. For lovers of JOHN FOXX, GARY NUMAN and OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS.

17 allyoursisters uncomfortableskinNo. 17: All Your Sisters - Uncomfortable Skin
Jordan Morrison and Mario Armando Ruiz managed to give a worthy successor to their first album, once more a postpunk jewel.

16 covenant theblindingdarkNo. 16: Covenant - The Blinding Dark
The legendary Swedish synth-pop / future-pop act is back with a surprising, unconventional but stimulating album.

15 trentemoller fixionNo. 15: Trentemøller - Fixion
The Danish electro legend confirmed his evolution towards a more postpunk / wave music, with the help of Jehnny Beth (Savages) on vocals.

14 savages adorelifeNo. 14: Savages - Adore Life
Post-punk at its best once again for this young all-female band from the UK led by Jehnny Beth. And a must-see live act!

13 hord focusonlightNo. 13: HøRD - Focus on Light
Sébastien Carl from Bordeaux delivered a fantastic first full-length LP, with beautiful, deep and dreamy synth wave.

12 orphx pitchblackmirrorNo. 12: Orphx - Pitch Black Mirror
This American duo has more than 20 years of existence and is now at the heart of the fusion between techno and industrial music.

11 peineperdue nuitblancheNo. 11: Peine Perdue ‎- Nuit Blanche
An amazing, self-released album featuring Stéphane and Coco's unique minimal synth and spoken word vocals.

10 underviewer wondersandmonstersNo. 10: UnderViewer - Wonders & Monsters
Patrick Codenys and J.-L. De Meyer (Front 242) revisited their “proto-Front” tracks and the result is... a wonder.

09 whisperingsons endlesspartyNo. 9: Whispering Sons - Endless Party
This very young band from Belgium is the next big sensation on the scene. Their postpunk is led by the amazing sepulchral voice of their female singer.

08 pureground giftgartenNo. 8: Pure Ground - Giftgarten
Greh Holger (Chondritic Sound) and Jesse Short delivered a brilliant album of minimal body music, with a more experimental side, this time.

07 anpierle archesNo. 7: An Pierlé - Arches
Usually in the indie-pop category, this Belgian singer/ songwriter surprised everybody with this dark, mystical masterpiece, somewhere between DEAD CAN DANCE and Kate Bush.

06 mariedavidson adieuxaudancefloorNo. 6: Marie Davidson - Adieux au Dancefloor
The Canadian singer/ artist released her 3rd solo album on the famous Minimal Wave label and it's again a great combination of cinematic krautrock and minimal techno with a French-pop touch.

05 essaiepas demainestuneautrenuitNo. 5: Essaie Pas - Demain est une autre Nuit
This is again Marie Davidson, but here together with her partner in crime Pierre Guerineau, for their first (and excellent) album on DFA Records.

04 johnfoxx 21stcenturyNo. 4: John Foxx - 21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City
The British synth-pop legend released this compilation of his finest collaborations of the last decade, including the superb new track ‘A Man and A Woman’.

03 luminance thecoldrushNo. 3: Luminance - The Cold Rush
Hailing from Paris, DA released his second full-length LP, which features a series of synth-pop gems, including the superb ‘Martyr’ and a duo with K. Grip from AGENT SIDE GRINDER.

02 dernierevolonte priepourmoiNo. 2: Dernière Volonté - Prie Pour Moi
Frenchman Geoffroy D. delivered yet another masterpiece of dark synth-pop with a subtle dark-folk overtone.

01 drabmajesty completelycarelessNo. 1: Drab Majesty - Completely Careless
Deb Demure's darkwave music was ubiquitous in 2016. It illuminated the year via abovementioned compilation but also via a single (‘The Heiress’) and a cooperation with KING DUDE.

This TOP20 was established in cooperation with WΛVES, the radio show, which can be streamed here:

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