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Nerodom, Munich, Germany
27th October 2007
Diary of Dreams

What a night, what an event! Surely a night to remember! But let me start at the very beginning. When we had our interview with Adrian Hates in January he already announced that a new album will be released by the end of the year. As time went by, the possible release date became clearer and at the end it was set to release ‘Nekrolog 43’ at 26th October 2007. To celebrate the release, two parties were set up: at 26th Oct at the Dark Flower in Leipzig and at 27th Oct at the Nerodom in Munich. Both events were very far from where I live. Even though I’d loved to go there I decided against it… just travel that far for a party? Not possible. I thought!

Than, a few weeks before the events should take place, the band came up with even bigger news: the wanted to do an acoustic show on each event. Just for 80 people each. Half of the tickets you could win at the Aderlass website (Aderlass is the company responsible for the new stage clothing of the band) and the other half was sold via ebay. Getting such news made me again think about going to Munich. But there were so many points against it. I thought I should be rational… such a distance to travel for this event? But soon, the decision was taken out of my hands when two very dear friends surprised me with the words “Dani, you are going to Munich!” They really got a ticket for me, just short before the event! You cannot imagine how happy I was (guys, I love you!).

But now, it was only one week time to get anything organised. So, I mailed to another friend who’s living close for hosting me. No problem at all (thanks a lot!) and there were some more friends staying there what promised already a nice weekend. Then the ride itself had to be planned… at the end the only possible choice was going by car, together with another friend.

Finally, the day of the days came. Already at 6 in the morning I was awake. I could not sleep anymore. Was it the full moon or just the excitement of what was coming up? Did not really matter! Short before eight I was picking up my travel company at the train station - surprisingly the trains were really in time - and right away we started our ride. It seemed we were really lucky that day, not much traffic, it almost seemed as we were flying and even before 13:00 we arrived at our friend’s place. It was a very nice welcome, haven’t seen each other since the Nocturnal Culture Night Festival.

Because we were that early there was a lot of time to relax, talk, for some coffee and later for food of course. Soon it got time to get ready and already at half past four we started our ride to Munich which would take us between 1 and 1.5 hours. At about six we arrived at the venue, thanks to the GPS without and detours and problems. Of course we were much too early, but better to be at the save side. We did not want to risk missing anything. Because we still had lots of time we decided to sit at a nearby restaurant for some drink.

Short before seven, we finale gathered with other fans at the doors of the venue and very soon, the band arrived… by foot what I personally found pretty funny… and so unusual. Just a few minutes afterwards, the doors opened for the waiting fans. After entering the venue we got into the room where finally anything should happen. There were chairs set up in front of the small stage where you could see two microphone stands, some bar chairs, glasses of wine and at the background the keyboard. This all looked so very intimate.

It was just a few minutes before the gig started and you could feel the charged atmosphere within the audience. No loud conversations, just whispers everywhere. At about 7.30 Adrian and Gaun:A entered the stage, just took a sip of white wine… “for the voice” as Gaun:A stated later… set up the guitars and the show was doing to start with a little announcement by Adrian and the title song of the yet released album: ‘Nekrolog 43’. If anyone was wondering who would sit at the keys, they got the answer right before the next song started when Adrian introduced a new member in the DIARY OF DREAMS family: Taste! If you wonder what happened with Torben, just have in mind that “he will always be part of the DoD family and you will see him here and there on stage with the band again”.

With some small talk in-between the songs and some more white wine, the show went on. The band presented such fragile ballads like ‘Chrysalis’ or ‘She and her Darkness’ but also originally quite fast and strong songs such as ‘Chemicals’ or ‘Giftraum’. All songs have been rearranged totally for the acoustic presentation which gave a totally new and pure impression. It was incredible to listen to. You could feel the excitement in the whole room. With the keyboard accompanied version of ‘AmoK’ which we already knew from the latest tour, the set ended. But hey, what would this evening be without any encore, which was demanded with loud applause and cheers? Finally with the fan favourite ‘Traumtänzer’ the set was over. And if you ask people in the room: DoD need to do an acoustic tour; that was the very common opinion there! Here’s just the setlist of the whole show, which definitely took longer than the announced 30 minutes:

01. Nekrolog 43
02. O’ Brother Sleep
03. Rumours about Angels
04. Chemicals
05. Giftraum
06. Chrysalis
07. Butter:Fly Dance!
08. She and her Darkness
09. AmoK
10. She
11. The Curse
12. Traumtänzer

After the concert was over the room was rearranged for the upcoming party. The ‘Nekrolog 43’ album first has been played on decent level and you had a lot of time to talk to the whole band who was present during the evening. It was so relaxed; the guys were very friendly and took a lot of time for their fans - photos and autographs included. Later on you could dance to the songs Adrian Hates was spinning… cool stuff guy! Long ago I had the chance to dance to DISTURBED or THE PRODIGY.

Finally at about 3 in the morning it was already time for us to leave. We still had about an hour to drive. Slightly drunk and pretty tired, but totally happy I was falling into my bed. And now on Monday morning I am still excited about the great evening I had in Munich. At the end I want to thank all those people for making this evening possible: the band itself (your music always reaches the deepest depths of my heart and soul) and also the crew (thanks a lot to tour manager Albert… no autographs, promised ;)), my dear friends who surprised my with the ticket (you kick ass!), my travel company who made the long ride less boring, of course my hosts (it was just perfect at your place), all the friends I met at the event and last but not least all the fans who make it possible for DoD to organise such an event.

There’s nothing more to say than that I already look forward the start of the tour!

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