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aspectee jourcinq
Artist: Aspectee
Title: Jour Cinq
Genre: Ambient / Drone
Release Date: 26th November 2011
Label: Black Drone

Album Review

ASPECTEE is the solo project of German musician Michael Frenkel who’s working electronic since the mid-90s now. ‘Jour Cinq’ is his second album following ‘Morben’ in 2009. It all begins with the melodic washes of ‘Espe’ phasing in, later on turning into shades of opaque crystal atop deep droning that originates in unknown depths. ‘Poudure’ revokes feelings of fright. It makes you feel uncomfortable while listening and keeps that feeling its entire duration, so beware if you’re the fragile type. ‘Illicit’ embeds field recordings into spectral layers of floating melody, rather call it moods. It’s as if there’s a story unfolding that you have yet to figure out. Now welcome to the twilight zone of ‘Roter Wald’ (Red Forest) that has you walk within a world suggesting there’s a danger lurking behind every tree you’re passing in the dead silence this placed is steeped with.

‘Planted Stress’ opens like a symphony of cold metal mixed with a few disturbing choirs while later on you get the feeling of walking though the catacombs of an old church to eventually find a majestic hall sparkling with wonder. ‘Betrayal’ however is born of thick clouds of fog rising and covering everything with its mysterious aura and shades of grey. ‘E1kousa’ is the one to close it all with a cerebral journey of spacious ambiance ending in cold discomfort. Pure drone/ambient always gives you a hard time. Either after a few listens it starts triggering your imagination, or even after the 100th listen it’s nothing but layers of sustained sounds. Here I had something of both, but not enough to let the rating drop below average.


01. Espe - 7:00
02. Poudure - 5:41
03. Illicit - 6:40
04. Bail a Cerder - 6:59
05. Roter Wald - 6:21
06. Skie - 6:24
07. Planted Stress - 6:22
08. Desert June - 4:59
09. Betrayal - 5:35
10. E1kousa - 6:39


Michael Frenkel


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aspectee jourcinq


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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