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callejon blitzkreuz
Artist: Callejon
Title: Blitzkreuz
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 15th June 2012
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

‘Blitzkreuz’ is the third full length album from German Metalcore act CALLEJON. Following more of a Modern Metal formula this time, the act still draws industrial influences from RAMMSTEIN through catchy beats mixed with the harder riffs and keeping all their lyrics in German (some might find this a bit difficult to understand), but one can definitely say that the group has gone a bit more commercial. Tracks like ‘Meine Liebe’ and ‘Vergissmeinnicht’ have more of an Alternative Rock sound to them that will definitely make the band quite likeable amongst the younger crowd, and then there are those anthemic power tracks that will appeal to listeners who heard them from the start such as ‘Porn From Spain 2’. There are even a few guests acts included to vary things up- rapping of course which may confuse some fans as to why the two genres would be mixed together- but it definitely stands out as a unique track to enjoy with a catchy beat and certainly enough aggression. However, the overall flavor of CALLJEON seems to come from the modern touch of ‘harsh verse/ clean chorus’ style that will appeal to fans of more melodic Metalcore such as the likes of the former SONIC SYNDICATE.

As polished as this album may sound, ‘Blitzkreuz’ may leave fans somewhat divided. The increased doses of melody and more use of cleans vocals certainly give these guys more of a Rock sound, but as far as staying hard and Metal the question still remains. It is going to be rare to find and ‘all screaming’ track on this album, and when considering the closing emotional ‘Kind Im Nebel’ which sounds like a more modern Rock ballad from LINKIN PARK, the question remains as to where the band is headed overall. While it doesn’t seem like they are going to go all ‘bleeding heart’ on listeners anytime soon, it is certain that they are evolving past just their basic Metalcore roots. Some may see this is a bad thing but others will welcome to the change to have more accessible music, even if it does sound the same at times to those who don’t really understand the lyrics.


01. Blitzkreuz - (3:59)
02. Kojote U.G.L.Y. - (3:31)
03. Meine Liebe - (3:45)
04. Atlantis - (5:21)
05. Vergissmeinnicht - (3:49)
06. Porn From Spain 2 - (3:50)
07. Bevor Du Gehst - (4:05)
08. Polar - (4:21)
09. Was Bleibt Seid Ihr - (3:48)
10. Bring Mich Fort - (3:45)
11. Kind Im Nebel - (4:38)


BastiBasti- vocals
Bernhard- guitars
Thorsten- bass
Kotza- drums
Kotsche- guitar


Cover Picture

callejon blitzkreuz


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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