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P60, Amstelveen, the Netherlands
29th of September 2006
Dracul, Reaper

This was certainly not the easiest venue to get to, or get back from but it is a nice venue, with great sound, a nice café and a friendly staff.  The venue opened up later that planned so the café was a nice place to wait. When it opened there was no row of people. To be honest there were hardly any people, but it turned out to be a night to remember after all.


On stage there was a backdrop showing video projections of the Reaper logo which looks like an abstract wolf. At the front of the stage there were two lit logos as well. The venue was quite empty; there were about 10 people in the audience.

Reaper provides a great beat with the occasional distortion; they have a very strong sound. At times it reminds me of Combichrist, the same energy and power in the music. Their vocalist doesn’t really sing, he spits his lyrics at you, sometimes he just shouts out at the audience, giving them energy. Besides this he could also play keyboard, which he did at the end of their short show.

First the keyboard player made his entrance, looking like the grim reaper, wearing a big black cape which covered even his face.  Then the vocalist joined him on stage, he was wearing normal clothes but his face was covered with a grey mask, the same shape as their logo. This mask had a very strange effect for we could hear but not see him sing. You can see he is not happy that there are hardly any people but still he puts in energy to create a show for those who have come to see them.  During the performance the crowd got a bit bigger and there were some people dancing. The vocalist took his mask off, he had black smears on his face, just as on his arms. The video projections changed with each song, they showed forests, a girl with a doll, and a grim reaper. At the end of the show there was a smile of gratitude on his face for the applause he received.

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 7
Total 7 (7.1)


There are some bands who only play is the venue is sold out or at least very full, Dracul likes a small audience, it is more fun. This band performs not only for they audience but also for themselves, to have a fun evening filled with smokes, drinks, music and laughter. Who else can get such a small audience to shout that loud for 2 extra encores but Dracul?!

Mozarts warm and familiar voice wasn’t the only one we would hear this evening. Lutz also sung for us with a voice full of darkness and emotion, during this song Mozart played the keyboard instead of Lutz. They also sung together which is a great combination of voices. Mozart knows how to sing and act at the same time; he has a very theatrical way of singing. Nanne also made herself heard, adding her soft female sound as an extra dimension to the songs. Mozart has laughs in a very distinctive way but in ‘Violence’ there is also very familiar laughter to be heard: the laughter of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Before singing ‘Freiheit’ Mozart made it very clear he doesn’t like either Nazi’s or Bush, with this speech he gave the song more power, it showed us the deeper meaning of the song and showed its timelessness.
For the final song we could choose between ‘Follow me’ ‘Follow me’ or ‘Follow me’ so you can guess what the final song was.

While sitting in the café downstairs our attention was drawn to the burning cross on the TV there, it turned out that was the stage upstairs. We hurried there and were just in time for the start of the show. Mozart entered the stage dressed in black and silver, a wig, a laser eye (there were also lasers on stage) and a burning trident which he used to spit fire. Since the audience was at the back of the venue, Mozart tried to lure them to the stage with bottles of water. When this didn’t seem to work he had vodka brought to the stage, this worked. Later in the evening there were also bottles of wine brought to the stage. Since there were not a lot of people dancing Mozart said that everybody who didn’t dance had to bring him a cigarette after each song and he got his smokes. People stayed in front of the stage and there was a lot of interaction during the entire show, Mozart even jumped in to the audience to watch the rest of the band with us, it is amazing to see what a little craziness can do to the atmosphere. Mozart was of course not alone on the stage, Nanne and Lutz were there as well. Lutz and Mozart always joking and making fun of each other. Nanne showed us she is very talented with fire. She had torches on her fingers, and stick with fire works on both sides which she swung across the stage. Even Lutz played with fire, he drummed on lit drums. There was also pyro on stage, the pyro technician had to pay attention because Mozart walked from left to right and front to back, not seeming to care about the huge flames shooting up in the air.
It was a night to remember for all of us.

Music 7
Performance 9
Light 8
Sound 7
Total 8 (7.9)

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