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Effenaar, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
September 22nd 2006
Centhron & Deadcell

In the Effenaar in Eindhoven, Cybercase has created yet another cyber gothic party, called Cybergothic Syndrome. Every month there in d the small venue of the Effenaar. This edition featured two bands. First performing was DeadCell, a local band. Second band performing was the German formation Centhron. Around 22.00 the doors opened and slowly the venue filled up with a lot of latex and neon coloured boys and girls, all ready to party.


At 23.00 it was time for DeadCell. The audience was pretty exited. A lot of them came especially to see what kind of special features were added to the show of their favourite local band.

Musicwise DeadCell stands strong and quite lonely. There aren’t that many bands that understand the fine art of combining totally different types of music. Their music is layered, starting with a strong beat, adding guitars and Marcus slight electronically altered voice. It gives their music a full and strong sound. Vocals were clean and harse, and the slamming beats make you really want to dance! The sound was very good, the lights were amateuristic. It looked like somebody without a sense of rhythm was doing the lights.  So you see, for those that don’t dance, there is plenty to see on stage.  

This time, the intro for DeadCell was the national anthem of the USA. 2 girls entered the stage. One had a drum and the other one was holding the American flag. Both of them were moving stiff, like robots, to the beat of the music. The intro matched quite well to the first song that was played. Vocalist Marcus came on stage when the first song started. Like previous gigs he was wearing a black robe. The programmer in the back was wearing white. This gig the Victorian dancers and belly dancer added bit extra to their dances, all in their own way. It was noticeable they ere trying something new on stage. There were a few small mistakes in their dances and sometimes they moved unequally. Marcus is quite professional on stage. He tries to interact with the audience and urges them to dance more then once. They had 45 minutes on stage and those were spend very well.

Music: 9
Sound: 8
Performance: 8
Lights: 6
Total: 8 (8.1)


Centhron is a German cybergothic formation formed in early 2000’s. The band consists of 4 band member, 2 men and 2 women. The singer Elmar is the real front man of the band. You cannot deny him on stage, he is the one with the charisma to be on stage. This band does not perform that much according to their website. The show contains weird clothing, a cyber-eerie atmosphere and loud noise. I was expecting something.

The musical skills of the band are really not that special. They have a strong beat, which lead the programmer trough the web of different tunes. Besides this, their music is cliché’s it was been done before, and done before quite a lot. The transformed voices and EBM beat are not rare. They understand the scene quite well though. You’re better of making a standard type of music and do it well. Because even though there is not much more to say about this band, it’s the truth they know how to show themselves.

On stage one of the girls did the programming the other one was mostly dancing and doing backing vocals. The bass player was there, on his own little island, doing his thing. At the start of the show Elmar was wearing a gas mask. It had attached neon yellow dreads to it, and the mouthpiece was replaced by a mic. That’s why he had his hands free in the beginning and used them to point out people in the audience to whom he was singing. After a few songs the mask came off, and during the gig more and more clothes he seemed to take off. The overall performance was quite nice but it lacked some professionalism, and also a bit more feeling.

Music: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Performance: 5
Total: 7

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