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cityandcolour5Live-Music-Hall, Cologne, Germany
17th February 2014
City and Colour & Hannah Georgas

Well, I had seen ALEXISONFIRE once. And I only heard good sings about the live shows of Dallas Green, aka CITY AND COLOUR, who was formerly guitarist in first mentioned band. Reason enough to take a trip to Cologne for one of Dallas’ live shows. The gig at the Live-Music-Hall was sold-out. This fact made clear that something great was awaiting us…

Hannah Georgas

Canadian singer / songwriter HANNAH GEORGAS from Vancouver  is quite unknown in Germany by now. But still she gained already success in her home country. Her debut EP was released in 2009, followed by her first album, ‘This is Good’, in 2010. After the release, she spent the next two years mostly with extensive touring to support the album, i.e. in 2012 internationally with fellow Canadian KATHLEEN EDWARDS. Her second, self-titled, album was released in October 2012. Besides the released, Hannah has earned nominations for the JUNO award for “Songwriter of the Year” and “Alternative Album of The Year” for the second album, following like-wise nominations for her first release. Her name recognition increased after the song ‘You’ve Got a Place Called Home’ was used for a Wal-Mart commercial. /


Music & Performance
Covered with blue light, Hannah end her accompanying band entered the stage sharp on eight. When she started singing, goose bumps were guaranteed. The sound she presented was rather calm and spherical, based on her wonderful soft voice. Within the sound, I just want to mention the strong bass lines. After her first song, ‘Elephant’, she welcomed the audience. During the ongoing show  she did not speak much, her songs spoke for themselves. Besides the fact that Hannah was accompanied by a band, she also convinced with her keyboard and guitar play… gentle as her singing. 45 minutes later, she ended her little set with ‘Waiting Game’. And now we waited for the evening’s headliner…

01. Elephant
02. Enemies
03. Robotic
04. Somebody
05. Lovers Breakdown
06. Thick Skin
07. Shortie
08. Millions
09. Ode To Mom
10. Waiting Game

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10


City and Colour

CITY AND COLOUR is the synonym for the solo project of Dallas Green, who released his first solo album ‘Sometimes’ nine years ago in 2005. Until 2012, Green was member of celebrated Post-Hardcore band ALEXISONFIRE. With his solo project he proves, that the turn from loud distorted guitars to calm acoustic pieces is possible. So far, he released four albums with his solo project. After the release of the second album ‘Little Hell’ and the split of ALEXISONFIRE, Green concentrated on his solo project and worked on his next album. ‘The Hurry And The Harm’ was released in May 2013, climbing to top position in Canadian charts. After several shows on Summer 2013, Green returned now to Germany for several more shows. On Tour, Dallas Green (lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano, drums, percussion) is supported by his live band consisting of Jack Lawrence (bass guitar), Doug MacGregor (drums), Matt Kelly (pedal steel, organ, pianos) and Dante Schwebel (guitar). /


Music & Performance
Short before the start, the venue was packed! Really packed! It was around 21:15 when main actor of the evening and his band entered the stage. Program for today: emotion-laden music full of melancholy. The set of the evening was split more or less into three parts. First and last part were performed with full band. In-between, an acoustic section was presented. Sadly, the sound was not optimal for this kind of performance. In my eyes, it was far too loud and booming, even at the end of the hall. This was not the right surrounding for the crystal clear voice of Dallas. Anyway, the audience was banned by the wonderful songs. Maybe I should tell you now little more about the show? Accompanied by a flamenco-like intro and the text “WE are the three amigos”, the band entered the stage to start with ‘Of Space and Time’. After this quite calm beginning, speed was increased a little with ‘The Lonely Life’ from the latest album, received by the audience with lots of nodding and cheers. Not only here, Dallas proves how strong his voice is.


The strength of his voice was impressively presented during the next song, ‘The Grand Optimist’, that was started by Dallas all alone before the band joined in. Not only this song was example for the tension within the audience. There was not much movement, anyone was silently listening to the wonderful music. ‘Silver and Gold’ and ‘Weightless’ were the final songs of the first part. Then, the band left the stage, leaving Dallas alone with his acoustic guitar. He now sits alone on stage, telling the audience that the next song is based on a conversation he had with his father. ‘Body in a Box’ surely caused one or another tear in the audience’s eyes. During the acoustic part, the unique voice of Dallas impresses once more. After ‘Northern Wind’, it was time to thank Hannah whom he asked to come on stage for the next song, ‘Paradise’. Wonderful combination of both voices! The second part of the show was now over and the band returned to stage to move on with ‘Death of me’. The audience joined in the show more right now with clapping and when they were asked to song along for ‘Sleeping Sickness’, they happily did.


‘Fragile Bird’ and ‘Hope for now’ seemed to mark the end of the show. But Dallas returned all alone with his guitar again for an addition. Three more songs were on the bill, starting with ‘The Girl’ where the crowd hummed along. With ‘Death's Song’, a vocally extraordinary concert ended. I just wished that the sound was better. Maybe another time for me will come…

01. Of Space and Time
02. The Lonely Life
03. The Grand Optimist
04. As Much as I Ever Could
05. Silver and Gold
06. Weightless
07. Body in a Box (Acoustic, Dallas Solo)
08. Comin' Home (Acoustic, Dallas Solo)
09. ? “O’ Schuster Sauce” (Acoustic, Dallas Solo)
10. Northern Wind / Paradise (Acoustic, Dallas Solo)
11. Death of me
12. Sleeping Sickness
13. The Golden State
14. Waiting...
15. Thirst
16. Fragile Bird
17. Hope for Now
18. The Girl
19. Two Coins
20. Death's Song

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 5
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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