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diehappy everlove
Artist: Die Happy
Title: Everlove
Genre: Pop / Rock
Release Date: 28th February 2014
Label: FAME Records

Album Review

It is nice that some things in this life stay stable. I think people need at least something to be unchangeable. So we can notice that something is changing. And so it is nice that in music there are some bands which release stable good albums. They don’t surprise you, don’t drive you crazy, and you probably forget it in some weeks. But this is another sign - there is something stable, so it goes on. DIE HAPPY isn’t kind of band which can fail. They are too good for it. They do enjoy themselves, their music. And they are able to infect you with it. So you enjoy their music as well.

‘Everlove’ is nothing outstanding, and it is so usual, that it is high possible that when you come to the music store and ask for the album called ‘Everlove’ - the shop man probably suggests you several variants. It is possible as well, that the variants aren’t that different. ‘Everlove’ is very good, if sometimes you need some rock with good female vocals, something what will rock your socks off and light enough at the same time. It is very good combined guitar music with great vocals nice lyrics and quite simple drums. It is so good, that it is even boring. Sometimes you wish those musicians made a mistake. But it is perfectly commercial, so you surely enjoy it and hardly reserve a place in your memory for it. It is music for one moment. But a very nice moment filled with nice music.


01. Miracle Rising
02. Everlove
03. I Could Die Happy
04. Hypnotized
05. Hang On
06. Unlimited Love
07. Run Away
08. Too Fast
09. Time Is A Healer
10. Winner At War
11. With Or Without You
12. Surrender
13. Empty


Marta Jandová – Vocals
Thorsten Mewes – Guitar
Ralph Rieker – Bass
Jürgen Stiehle – Drums

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diehappy everlove


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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