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euzen metamorph
Artist: Euzen
Title: Metamorph
Genre: Electronica / Alternative / Experimental
Release Date: 20th February 2015
Label: Westpark Music/ Indigo

Album Review

From the first accords of the EUZEN’s ‘Metamorph’ you slide into a magical world of a great piece of work. This must be one of the best electronic releases of this year. Brave and bright, experimental and solid, melodic and light this album is exactly what you expect from a band from somewhere like Denmark. Probably it is not a good thing to mention the nationality in the context of music, but it would be ignorant as well to skip this aspect. There are international trends and terms like Eurohit. But this is exactly what we, the lovers of the underground music hate, right? Those who know the value of the music are looking for authentic and original pieces. And only those musicians who embrace their background are able to bring out something like this. EUZEN is a brilliant example. Listening to them it is easy to identify they have some Nordic roots.

On the one hand the music of EUZEN is quite simple. There are not much of elements or tracks. The compositions of the songs are very ordinary and pop, just like many others. But quiet low bass lines give some feeling of calmness and relaxation. The vocals – something between BJÖRK and COCOROSIE – tell some fairy tales. The charming vocalist immediately catches the attention of the listener. And the guitars give it a drive and colour texture. Exactly, it is possible to feel this music with all of your senses. This must be something like drugs – when you think you’re in control and can get off any moment. But try to turn this album off, if you dare. No, you won’t! This album is absolutely must have for an easy listening, when you want to relax for a while, since this is a fantastic soundtrack for daydreaming.


01. The Stage
02. The Order
03. Mind
04. Wasted
05. Phobia
06. Vis A Vis
07. Metamorph
08. Me And My
09. Ours
10. Words
11. Mirage


Maria Franz
Christopher Juul
Harald Juul
Kristian Uhre
Thomas Welin

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euzen metamorph


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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