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eskimocallboy crystals
Artist: Eskimo Callboy
Title: Crystals
Genre: Electrocore
Release Date: 6th March 2015
Label: Universal

Album Review

ESKIMO CALLBOY seems to be one big joke starting with the band’s name and till the last songs of their new release ‘Crystals’. However the band exists, releases albums and even has listeners so tastes differ greatly and I’m not going to speak or better to say write volumes about that. Anyway it’s just a way of self-expression. So let’s simply get back to the album, which includes thirteen tracks, some of which attract an attention already with their titles. As for the lyrics, one either needs to read it or to listen to the album again and again to understand what the songs are about. Not a good idea I would say, as a sonic attack starts with the first seconds of the opening piece. Well, of course Electrocore is mostly for teenagers, so it explains a bit but not everything and definitely it can’t compensate the lack of tunefulness, originality or at least sense.

Actually the style itself isn’t supposed to be too original and doesn’t allow using a lot of effects, but with the available techniques, even with Quintus and breakdowns it’s possible to make something better than that. The vocals, extreme and clean are quite okay but not too impressive. Harsh and crazy lines are changed with danceable beats reminding of something from the 90s. Unfortunately there is nothing more that could attract an attention. And it’s not only because I overgrew such genre long time ago, but if music is good, it’s good, without all these labels, tags and definition. Otherwise it’s depends on a listener.


01. Pitch Blease – 3:18
02. Baby (T.U.M.H.) – 3:14
03. My Own Summer – 3:41
04. Kill Your Idols – 3:53
05. Ritual – 0:33
06. Monster – 2:55
07. Best Day (Feat Sido) – 3:57
08. 2 Fat 2 Furious – 3:46
09. F.D.M.D.H. – 1:49
10. Paradise in Hell – 3:18
11. Crystals – 3:38
12. Walk on the Thin Line – 3:52
13. Closure – 1:09


Sushi – Vocals
Kevin – Vocals
Daniel – Guitar
Pascal – Guitar
Daniel – Bass
David – Drums

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eskimocallboy crystals


Music: 3
Sound: 3
Total: 3 / 10

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