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eisfabrik whenwintercomes
Artist: Eisfabrik
Title: When Winter Comes
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th February 2015
Label: Thexoomo (Broken Silence)

Album Review

EISFABRIK have come to end the ice age in the musical business. Could they end the ice age in my music collection? No they couldn’t. I must admit that the band who consists of members of other scene bands which prefer to hide behind names like Dr. Schnee, Der Frost and °Celsius has made a huge statement with telling everyone to end the boredom in the dark music scene. I can only nod my head to their will to change something as we have overly repeating themselves bands covering bands which have just being a copycat of another band and so on…

I can’t tell that EISFABRIK have a huge hit nor a huge horrible their track on their album. It’s nice synth pop, here and there some EBM influences but nothing you haven’t heard before. Their music hides (and I really mean hides!) behind ASSEMBLAGE 23, the young AND ONE, CHROM and something between CRÜXSHADOWS and SOLAR FAKE. I can’t say I dislike what they’re doing, it’s music that doesn’t get on my nerves, a good background soundtrack, something I wouldn’t skip when it appears on my playlist.

Tracks like ‘Without You’ or ‘Polar Night’ are my favourites on this album, though there are still those vocals reworked with a lot of effects. The voice sounds nice though, but I don’t like to listen to vocals where I can’t make out how the “real” voice sounds like. And so there is still this thing that the band wanted to change something and can’t really change something at all. Well, not with the album but maybe when playing live as the songs who have here and there a really good chorus can make people clap their hands. We’ll see.


01. Eisfabrik
02. Ice Crystal
03. Friends
04. Free
05. Always Continue
06. Don`t Be Afraid
07. Polar Night
08. A Million Lights
09. Sometimes
10. Without You
11. Unreal
12. Vor Langer Zeit


Dr. Schnee
Der Frost

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eisfabrik whenwintercomes


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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