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blackcasinoandtheghost ageofcontagion
Artist: Black Casino And The Ghost
Title: Age Of Contagion
Genre: Alt-Rock
Release Date: 18th June 2015
Label: Lucky Machete Records

Single (1-Track) Review

BLACK CASINO AND THE GHOST are a London based, alternative-rock band with a sound absolutely their own, a fearsome live reputation and a critically lauded debut album to their name. But that sounds bland doesn’t it? That could be written about any number of bands. Thankfully there is so very much more going on here, it’ll catch your breath and happily mess with your head. Remember that thrill when you discover music so special that you want it to remain tiny and secret and yours, but you know it’s going to explode and become huge and you’ll have to share it with everyone? That thrill that comes with stepping outside of norms, and fads and trends and wondering how such music has escaped your eager attention for so long? It’s all about the thrill here folks, the shivers and tingles that come when you listen to something this unique.

‘Age Of Contagion’ is the lead single of an album that’s heading this way later in the year. And it floats in from somewhere otherworldly, beautifully spooky, hints of weary menace thrown in to keep it all grounded. From its gossamer opening seconds to the trippy beat that greets the gorgeous vocals of singer Elisa Zoot, the melody buries itself deeply in your brain, and sways and swirls seductively in there until it’s ready to unleash the chorus. A sweeping surge of lazy guitar encourages that amazing voice to shoot off in directions it has no right to go, a leftfield whoosh that is absolutely captivating. And then it’s back to that ethereal and utterly addictive verse again transporting you to places you’ve not been since hearing RADIOHEAD’s ‘OK Computer’ for the first time. And when ‘Age Of Contagion’ has given you enough, and fizzed skywards to conquer someone else’s heart and brain, you’re left slack-jawed and feeling bereft. It’s that good. I want to keep BLACK CASINO AND THE GHOST all to myself. But I can’t. Because it’s all about the thrill, and this is a secret that simply has to be shared.


Ariel Lerner
Elisa Zoot
Gary Kilminster
Paul Winter-Hart

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blackcasinoandtheghost ageofcontagion


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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