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thedevilandtheuniverse folkhorror
Artist: The Devil & The Universe
Title: Folk Horror
Genre: Dark Ambient
Release Date: 22nd September 2017
Label: Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

Album Review

THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE keep creating a soundtrack of their ambience, which is as mystical as it has always been. ‘Folk Horror’ provides more haunting music for rituals and for fun too. The project began as an experiment. Even the name has been chosen by a chance - with the help of the Tarot. The musicians claim to free themselves from the “critical self” to create their music, so they don't have to think of “right” or “wrong”. Whether thank to magic, or destiny, or pure chaos, but these experiments seem to find its pretty decent and faithful public. So if you are familiar with The Crowley Tarot, Qliphoth, Magick, Kenneth Grant, you probably will understand this Austrian trio better than the others, including the author of these lines. Main thing not to forget: (self)irony. “If someone or something takes him- or herself too seriously, this person loses authenticity and becomes ridiculous. Humour is the only way to survive in a universe which is, basically, a joke that tells itself,”- Ashley Dayour said once in an interview, - “but, humour isn’t just ridiculousness!”

“Folk Horror” is the name of the sub-genre of (in the seventies developed) British horror film where the aesthetics and the content reflect the heathenistic history of the British Royal Empire. The horror element has its subtle nuances. It lies in fields and meadows, hides in birdhouses and haystacks. To get all the jokes and the meanings of THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE you better get to know about the subjects, mentioned above. But even if you're not into it, you still might enjoy the videos. As for the music – it is even easier to understand, as this band proves that music is a universal language. With no words, but melodies only, rhythmic sequencing and chords the musicians manage to create a full dynamic picture, which is pretty dark and grave, but once a listener dives into it, he/she will discover what’s “fun-fear” is about and that nothing can tell a particular story better than minimalistic melodies, decorated with weird and sometimes typical UFO-sound effects.


01. Alchemical Landscape
02. Willow Dance
03. The Ash Tree
04. A Fiend In The Furrows
05. Black Harvest
06. Wyrd
07. The Church Of The Goat
08. When We Were Trees


Ashley Dayour - Instruments, Vocals
David Pfister - Instruments, Field Recordings
Stefan Elsbacher - Drums, Synths

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thedevilandtheuniverse folkhorror


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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