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thedevilandtheuniverse benedicere
Artist: The Devil & The Universe
Title: Benedicere
Genre: Dark Ambient
Release Date: 4th December 2015
Label: Rustblade (Broken Silence)

Album Review

THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE represented by three young men in masks of goats. The musicians claim to represent with their music our... or probably it is more correct to say - their ambient. In the music and videos the band shows the darkest side of the human fantasy and all the shadow spots of a bright sunny day. It is not common to see a girl in a field chased by three human-goats. Or is it? Aren't we running from our dark fears and hiding from our worst expectations every day? THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE could be a black version of Benny Hill show with the fitting soundtrack.

So should be three adults wearing masks and robes taken seriously? The answer would be positive, if you step aside from how we see them, and think of what they see from behind their masks. In spite of all the desperate debates and scientific conclusions, according to open sources even today the overwhelming part of population follows the creationism. The world full of modern technologies, full of sci-fi and expecting a proper hover board, still mostly infected with mystical dread. The religious motifs not only surround us everywhere, but they still can touch us and make us shiver. ‘Benedicere’ suggests the listener to embrace their god-fears and just enjoy another creepy day.


01. Ascension
02. Dei Genetrix
03. Immaculata
04. Hail! Mary
05. Ora Pro Nobis Deum
06. Elousa
07. Mater Dolorosa
08. Nikopoia
09. Road To Damascus


Ashley Dayour - Instruments, Vocals
David Pfister - Instruments, Field Recordings
Stefan Elsbacher - Drums, Synths

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thedevilandtheuniverse benedicere


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Total: 6 / 10

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