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fanta4 König-Pilsener-Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
24th January 2019
Die Fantastischen Vier - “Captain Fantastic On Tour 2018/2019”

There’s none like them. DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER, the indestructible pioneers of German Rap, are also touring 2018 / 2019, the twenty-ninth year of their career, with a new album ‘Captain Fantastic’. They have remained true to themselves and their fans as a band for more than a quarter of a century. Nine studio albums and big hits like ‘Sie ist weg’, ‘MFG’, ‘Troy’, ‘Ernten was wir säen’ or ‘25’ from the last album turn their live concerts into acclaimed “Best of Shows” for three generations. Gold and platinum records, echoes, 1Live Krone, Viva Comet, the Paul Lincke Ring, the Golden Camera, GQ Men of the Year - these are just a few of the awards Michi Beck, Smudo, And.Ypsilon and Thomas D have received. /

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Music & Performance
From ‘Captain Fantastic’ to ‘Tag am Meer’ to ‘Troy’ - in front of a nearly sold-out hall, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER finished their “Captain Fantastic Tour 2018/2019” on Thursday in Oberhausen. For more than two hours, the Stuttgart band delivered a mix of songs from the new album and catchy tunes from the past. At the end of April last year, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER released the tenth album ‘Captain Fantastic’. The album presents itself as a wrap around on the current zeitgeist. Happy and still eloquent celebration of their own band history alternates with critical rhymes about the deep gorge between rich and poor. It is the last concert of the tour and we cannot wait for the FANTAS to come back to us.

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After first DJ THOMILLA had heated the audience of the arena with fat beats, it is punctual at 20:00 and we hear the first notes from ‘Captain Fantastic’. All four in appear on stage in a uniform look: all in black with a black jacket and white sneakers. Michi Beck, Thomas D and Smudo raise their voices to the opener and title track of the current album. The fact that many of the fans have grown older together with hip-hopers has certainly made itself felt in the hall. The almost 5,000 visitors initially acknowledged the efforts of the rappers with a rhythmic nod instead of a permanently wild hopping. At the very latest with the band’s classics ‘Sie ist weg’, ‘Die da!?!’, ‘MfG’, ‘Ernten was wir säen’, ‘Zusammen’ and ‘Troy’ the group had picked up all fans.

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Meanwhile, we have a look at the whole live band: drums, percussions, bass, electric guitar and keys. ‘Aller Anfang ist yeah’ sounds. The slightly grey And.Ypsilon raps briefly. Thomas D gets a pair of thick glasses after Smudo has reprimanded him for not being well dressed today. Who remembers the first TV appearance of the band knows: this is the “Die Da?!” - look. The political statement against the AFD could have been given, but it had to be said, it follows ‘Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld, den Rest könnt ihr behalten’, followed by a very guitar - clipped version of ‘Ernten, was wir säen’. “Almost 30 years of rap music – that’s not good for the brain and the spine,” the four musicians silently ironed out shortly before the end of the show. The two-hour show demanded everything from Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D. and And.Ypsilon completely.

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The Fantas, celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2019, had previously promised more than 30 songs and a sort of “Best of Show” for all ages. After all, three generations are now among the fans of the band. One highlight after chases another during the evening and the fans sing along to ‘Einfach sein’, ‘MFG’, ‘Ich is Ich is Ich is Ich’, CLUESO appears for ‘Zusammen’ on the screen, the crowd is raging, it is snowing confetti. The evening ends with Thomas D in the “Fuck Racism” shirt and a wonderfully emotional thank you from Michi Beck to the fans for almost 30 years of love and loyalty. No wonder then that ‘Troy’ follows at the end.

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01. Captain Fantastic
02. Fantanamera
03. Was geht
04. Bring It Back
05. Hot
06. Aller Anfang ist Yeah
07. Yeah Yeah Yeah
08. Die Stadt die es nicht gibt
09. Sie ist weg
10. Jetzt geht's ab
11. Heute
12. Dann mach doch mal
13. Du mich auch
14. Buenos Dias Messias Buenos Dias Messias
15. Endzeitstimmung
16. Das Spiel ist aus
17. Die da?!
18. Das ist mein Ding
19. Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld (den Rest könnt ihr behalten)
20. Ernten was wir säen
21. Tag am Meer
22. Pipis und Popos
23. Weitermachen
24. Spiesser
25. Typisch ich
26. Einfach sein
27. Smudo in Zukunft (with The Prodigy – "Out Of Space" ending)
28. Danke
29. Tunnel
30. MfG
31. Ichisichisichisich
32. 25
33. Zusammen
34. Moduland.Y
35. Hitisn
36. Troy

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 10
Total: 8.8 / 10

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All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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