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introKönig-Pilsener-Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
21st January 2017
Die Fantastischen Vier, Seven

It is Saturday evening and the visitors of the sold-out König-Pilsener-Arena in Oberhausen were eagerly awaiting DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER. The mood was good already for the opener of the evening, SEVEN from Switzerland.


As a special guest, the FANTAS bring along the Swiss artist SEVEN who declares that Funk and Soul is his life. SEVEN has already impressed the four at the big summer open airs. FANTA 4’s new single ‘Name drauf’ is featuring SEVEN! Smudo about the artist: “Seven, this surprise bag! How come that such a multifaceted, good-looking and likeable all-rounder has already released ten albums with a super funky band and has rocked every crowd is being discovered in Germany only now?! We have gotten to know SEVEN as an amazing entertainer, colleague, and friend.” / 

Music & Performance
The name SEVEN was quite unknown to me before the show. But the likable Swiss guy behind the name SEVEN is infecting anyone immediately with his good mood and funky soul. No matter if the whole arena is swaying arms on his command or if SEVEN walks directly to a fan in the audience, chosen by a beam of light – the singer warms up the audience very well and the mood is really good. I am sure he has won over several new fans on this evening.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


Die Fantastischen Vier

The way is the goal: DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER (The Fantastic Four), who celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014, like to focus their attention on things that are and even more on what's to come about. Celebrating their best of album ‘Vier und Jetzt’ (transl. ‘Four and Now’), we got the chance to see the four live again! They are on the road from the end of 2016 playing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Thomas D says: “Everyone always wants our best and we have decided to give it to you. And so, in addition to the best of album, there is of course also a best of tour!” The innovative and awarded live spectacles of Michi Beck, Thomas D, Smudo and And. Ypsilon set a high standard: After the monstrous round stage of the “Für Dich immer noch Fanta Sie Tour” and a “record” LED cube in golden stage optics of the cave concert, the MTV Unplugged II show, which weighed several tons and was the world's first 3D live broadcast in hundreds of cinemas, one could now experience what kind of audio-visual highlights the four were coming up with next. The long-player ‘Vier und Jetzt’ was released in various forms and a fan box on November 6th, 2015, and includes the best of the FANTA4 ranging from ‘Jetzt passt auf’, the first song from the 1991 debut album ‘Jetzt geht's ab’, to the new single ‘Name drauf’ featuring the Swiss artist SEVEN! / 


Music & Performance
It is short past nine when DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER enter the catwalk between stage and audience, where a little “B-stage” is built up. They start the evening with a medley of several songs, being ended with the classic ‘Die Da’ and a rain of confetti finally really opening the evening. While some helpers clean up the catwalk and pit, the band enters the real stage while the curtain in front of the main stage was falling. The four offer a broad spectre of songs from past and today and the audience dances, jumps and sings excitedly along. The mood is exuberant and the musicians are happy that the fans know the old songs so well, but as the phrase goes, “it is never too late to meet anew”. With this words, Smudo announces the song ‘Endzeitstimmung’, a very new piece. Afterwards, the fans and band gets a little breather thanks to a little stage reconstruction and calmer songs, such as ‘Fornika’, ‘Neues Land’ and ‘Tag am Meer’. This evening, SEVEN does not only support the FANTAS as the opener, but they also perform the new single ‘Name drauf’ and ‘Eines Tages’ together. With a waggish sense of humour and charm in their hearts, DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER make the arena boil at Saturday evening and no fan’s heart is left disappointed. With classics such as ‘MFG’, ‘Picknicker’ or ‘Populär’, the band say goodbye.


But after a short while, the band enters the stage again for a short encore, ending the evening finally with the very fitting song ‘Troy’ (true) and the message behind it.

01. Intro (by Eskei 83) (B-Stage)
02. Medley (Jetzt passt auf / Was geht / Lass die Sonne rein / 45 Fieber / Dicker Pulli / Locker bleiben) (B-Stage)
03. Die da (B-Stage)
04. Heute
05. Danke
06. Und los
07. Yeah Yeah Yeah
08. Geboren
09. Le Smou (Snippet)
10. Ichisichisichisich
11. Sie ist weg
12. Gegen jede Vernunft
13. Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld (den Rest könnt ihr behalten)
14. Einfach sein
15. Smudo in Zukunft
16. Typisch ich
17. Endzeitstimmung (new Song)
18. Fornika (Instrumental Snippet)
19. Neues Land (Snippet)
20. Tag am Meer
21. Krieger
22. MfG
23. Der Picknicker
24. Eines Tages (with Seven)
25. Name drauf (with Seven)
26. Populär
27. 25
28. Ernten was wir säen
29. Troy

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 10
Total: 8.8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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