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Artist: Seventh Harmonic
Title: Garden of Dilmun
Genre: Classical / Experimental / Gothic
Release Date: 13th May 2011
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

SEVENTH HARMONIC is an all-female ensemble of very talented musicians. They’ve previously released several albums by themselves until a record deal with Out Of Line came along and so did this new album ‘Garden of Dilmun’. They are also members of other bands - SOL INVICTUS, NARSILION, ARCANA, VEIL OF BLUE and so on - and manage this project from several different countries.

When listening to the album, the second song ‘Aoide’ was instantly remarkable especially for its dramatic drums and together with the vocals it was wonderful and rousing. And though the following ‘Dilmun’ was evocative, atmospheric and beautiful what immediately stood out to me was that it was an inheritor of DEAD CAN DANCE influence - and I’d say way too much of it... And although in following songs echoes of DCD remain to be audible still - it’s to a much, much lesser degree, which has saved this slight disappointment from spreading. I feel they are more themselves when they experiment with symphonic and classical and put themselves right into it and bring on their own originality as in ‘Soporanimi’ and ‘Mneme’ - splendid and layered even dramatic songs - especially the latter. ‘Litha’ has absolutely magnificent beginning, melancholy and majestic at the same time, the soft, sensitive and beautiful vocals make this just exquisite.

As you gather the themes range from mythological entities but expressions of pagan-titled seasons too - from those Beltane stood out the most with its ethereal exultation, albeit with a great dose of sadness - more a funereal ode to Winter King rather than celebration of the Summer King. Samhain came as a close second favourite of the season interludes - with its keyboards matching falling leaves and the strings the broodiness of the season. The vocals throughout were just brilliant - never over the top, never showing off their obvious skills - just perfect for the songs. The closing ‘Equianimi’ was underlined by some great drumming at its beginning, the singing reminded me of KATE BUSH, but in not such an obvious manner as ‘Dilmun’ was reminiscent of DEAD CAN DANCE. It was quite an intense song to close this ‘Garden Of Dilmun’.

This is an album of delicate, exquisite and even poetic beauty with many emotive landscapes to visit and visual wonderings possible through the evocative soundscapes; an album that should be listened to, it will certainly uplift you and even soothe you.


01. Valensanimi – 4.23
02. Aoide – 4.16
03. Dilmun – 3.48
04. Imbolc – 1.48
05. Mabon – 4.38
06. Eostre – 3.10
07. Soporanimi – 3.43
08. Beltane – 1.18
09. Mneme – 3.57
10. Litha – 4.19
11. Samhain – 1.51
12. Melete – 4.07
13. Equianimi – 4.15


Caroline – composer, programming, production, bass, guitar, drums
Ann-Mari – lyrics and vocals
Keltia – harp, vocals
Lesley – drums, percussions

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Music: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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