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DidoLaeiszhalle, Hamburg, Germany
16th May 2019
Dido - Still On My Mind Tour 2019 - Support: Sonia Stein

After 15 years of live abstinence the singer with the distinctive voice, DIDO, is back on tour with her new album, ‘Still On My Mind’. Be it the power of her new songs or the ones we all know from the 2000s like ‘White Flag’, ‘Here With Me’ or ‘Life For Rent’, the exceptional musician and singer knows how to satisfy her fans with the songs ranging from Pop, to Folk, to Hip Hop.

Sonia Stein

SONIA STEIN, a singer and songwriter from London, started writing songs at the age of 15. Her influences are LEONARD COHEN and JONI MITCHELL. She started releasing her music about five years ago and since then a good amount of songs has been released. Now on tour with DIDO she is presenting her talent to a bigger audience.

Music & Performance
On stage, there was just a musician playing keys and Sonia singing. A minimalistic approach reducing the performance to its core: the songs. And Sonia convinced the audience in no longer than probably three songs. While at the beginning the applause was proper, latest after the third song the audience at the festive Laeiszhalle became really loud and engaged. The Soul & Jazz voice convinced in no time. The minimalistic use instruments, just keys and voice emphasized the high talent. Performing the EURYTHMICS cover ‘There Must Be An Angel’ Sonia convinced the last ones in the audience. An authentic performance and a voice that we will hear more in the future for sure.

01. Party
02. Lover
03. Drunk
04. There Must Be An Angel (Eurythmics cover)
05. Symbol
06. London Used To Feel So Good
07. Do You Love Me

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 10
Total: 8.8 / 10


After such a long time of live absence - as already mentioned 15 years - the live dates very highly awaited. The venue for tonight’s show in Hamburg, if I got it right just the 2nd in Hamburg at all, was special as well. Laeiszhalle is known as classic concert house, hosting classic artists as well as Rock and Pop as well as musicians from all kinds of different genres with special program and arrangements of their songs. Tonight it was about time for DIDO to play in this festive venue. /

IMG 1610

Music & Performance
DIDO started the evening with ‘Hurricanes’ on this evening. A calm, classic guitar song, thoughtful and dominated by this very special voice. It is easy to recognize DIDO’s voice in 1000s of others. DIDO’s performance is so authentic and real. When the third song of the setlist starts that was the moment when she gets everyone no matter whether an old or a new fan, ‘Life For Rent’ is one of these, we can really say now old songs, that remind of uneventful summer holiday afternoons, the radio playing at parents’ home and being 16 and thinking about all the things that seem so overly dramatic when you are a teenager. DIDO’s voice always fascinated me since I heard her for the very first time though her songs often seemed a bit more grown-up than the ones I usually went for back then. Now, 15 years later, it became much easier to dive in the music and feel the meaning of the words coming with that outstanding voice.

IMG 1600

The evening seems so familiar and personal, it is hard to believe that the person on stage, surrounded by musicians, has sold some more than 40 million albums, just imagine this number, and is now standing in front of you, just some meters away, talking about the insecurities that inspired you to write one song, or her child as inspiration of another, falling in love while being on vacation and in between asking the audience many questions and really trying to learn some more German. DIDO feels so incredibly real; however even knowing all her songs it is still amazing when seeing her live for the very first time. There was real happiness on her face when people start singing along or the applause after a song seems to never end. Presenting a wonderful evening full of new songs from the ‘Still On My Mind’ album, released in March 2019, and older ones that make me feel like suddenly travelling in time to 2003 as if the 15 or more years never have been.

IMG 1640

There is some magic in the venue when DIDO sings her songs. Like she is spreading love and understanding along with the touch of beautiful sadness or swing on other songs. Before ‘Take My Hand’ DIDO asks everyone to stand up and everyone keeps standing even through the short break until the last two songs of the night are performed for the encore, ‘Have To Stay’ and one of these all-time-classics we all know, ‘White Flag’. A magical ending of an authentic, beautiful evening in an enchanting venue. A night to remember.

01. Hurricanes
02. Hell After This
03. Life For Rent
04. Hunter
05. No Freedom
06. Grafton Street
07. Sand In My Shoes
08. Give You Up
09. Thank You
10. Friends
11. Sitting On The Roof Of The World
12. Quiet Times
13. Here With Me
14. See You When You’re 40
15. Mad Love
16. End Of Night
17. Take You Home
18. Chances
19. Take My Hand
20. Have To Stay
21. White Flag

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.3 / 10

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All pictures by Nastja Iz

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