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burytomorrow cannibal
Artist: Bury Tomorrow
Title: Cannibal
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: 3rd July 2020
Label: Music for Nations / Smi Col (Sony Music)

Album Review

Since 2006 BURY TOMORROW had time to make a name for themselves in the scene. With their six albums the guys forge their identity and can also deservedly carry the banner of British metalcore. This year BURY TOMORROW present their seventh album ‘Cannibal’, which unfortunately had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. Vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates, who has long been one of the loudest voices in metal promoting an open discussion on the subject of mental health, this time immerses himself in detail in his own experiences and has honestly put his most personal lyrics to paper so far. “This album is as much for me as it is for the fans”, he says. “It was a cathartic process to address some of the darkest moments of my life. It’s going to be hard for some people to listen to. But I felt like I had to do it - if I do it, then right. I’m not a guy for half measures. There’s nothing I would change about the lyrics of the whole album.”

‘Choke’ is the first song on the new record, and was already released, which opens the new work with Adam Jackson’s energetic drumming and the lively sound. Although there is undeniably a lot of power in Daniel’s voice right from the start and fans will be pleased with a certain melodic vein on Jason’s part. This is followed by the title track of the album, which was already announced in January of this year and comes across as effective and already a bit groovier. “The term Cannibal refers to being eaten up by your own thoughts, but also to being ‘eaten up’ by other people”, says Daniel. “We are not nice to ourselves, and we are certainly not nice to each other.” Davyd Winter-Bates’ bass is finally brought more to the fore with ‘The Grey’, a piece that is less obvious and richer in variations on the atmosphere it offers. Plainer in appearance, ‘Imposter’ reserves a nice surprise in darker tones for the listener, which will go beyond the flat first impression that the title can give. The guitars of Jason Cameron and Kristan Dawson give ‘Better Below’, which was recently introduced in a video clip, a refreshing and very balanced sound.

‘The Agonist’ has everything it takes to be on the list of songs we definitely like to hear live. The smoothness of ‘Quake’ is surprising, but its honesty is tangible. A good song to take a short breath in the middle of the album. Concerning the lyrics ‘Cannibal’ spreads apocalyptic mood. While tracks like ‘Quake’ and ‘Better Below’ go deep into Daniel’s most difficult moments, the band deals with the effect of social media and the pressure of perfect self-expression with ‘Gods & Machines’. The last songs of the album seem rather inconspicuous. As typical BURY TOMORROW songs they run through well, but don’t stick as much as the first tracks. ‘Voice & Truth’ convinces with technical sharpness and impressive solos by lead guitarist Kristan Dawson. The album ends with ‘Dark Infinite’ and some classic, brutal breakdowns.

‘Cannibal’ is an inner cleansing process, carried by furious rhythm changes, breakdowns and haunting melodies. I think the album says what Daniel also wants to tell the fans: Music is an anchor to hold on to. And that you should talk about your problems instead of keeping them inside yourself.


01. Choke
02. Cannibal
03. The Grey (VIXI)
04. Imposter
05. Better Below
06. The Agonist
07. Quake
08. Gods & Machines
09. Voice & Truth
10. Cold Sleep
11. Dark Infinite


Dani Winter-Bates – Vocals
Jason Cameron – Clean vocals / Rhythm guitar
Kristan Dawson – Lead guitar / Backing Vocals
Davyd Winter-Bates – Bass
Adam Jackson – Drums


Cover Picture

burytomorrow cannibal


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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