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dasfluff maximumdamage
Artist: Das Fluff
Title: Maximum Damage
Genre: Electronic Rock
Release Date: 14th September 2020
Label: Sohappymusic

Album Review

How time flies, here we are at DAS FLUFF’s fifth album - after the passing of time is this new offering as gob-smacking as the first listening of their first album? Hell yeah! More so! Fifteen tracks of kick in the balls attitude - gift wrapped in a pretty wrapping! There is nothing else on earth that provides this kind of twisted, smeared, contorted appeal - DAS FLUFF delivers again! Their tenth-year anniversary is being marked by something very special indeed…

From the opening track, and then onwards, I was gripped and pulled into the disturbing realm of DAS FLUFF. Deep electronic bass lines, powerful beats, snarling guitars (only beaten by Dawn’s own guttural vocal snarls) which meets the rather unusual melodies of the Theremin. It’s all the usual ingredients, but with the volume and energy turned to 101 - it’ll curdle your brain even quicker than usual - ‘Maximum Damage’ is what is intended! DAS FLUFF has always had the ability to turn sane, sensible people into a Dorian Gray reflection of themselves (but then most of us who DAS FLUFF appeals to are hardly sane to begin with, but you catch my drift). Any listening of DAS FLUFF leads you to question your senses, are you really hearing this? ‘Maximum Damage’ takes this theme and brings it to what must surely be the pinnacle of what the band can achieve? Surely?

So, apart from the edgy attitudes we have come to love from DAS FLUFF, what can I say about ‘Maximum Damage’? Some startling production, I loved the mixing, musically intriguing, great song structure and writing - all achieving the overall feel of the album. Which I have to say (as much as I love all the albums) for me stands way ahead of DAS FLUFF’s previous work. I think there has been something behind the scenes that has taken DAS FLUFF to some serious heights here - what could it be? Not for me to ponder too long, I’m just happy to pop the album back on for another listen, it’s rarely been off my playlist since the review copy was sent to me! One of the standout albums within the electronic alternative music scene of 2020.


01. Whatever
02. Maximum Damage
03. We Want Love
04. Joykiller
05. Lovebites
06. One Day
07. Anno 64
08. Lazers and Pills
09. Sad Fuck
10. Over
11. Apocalypse
12. Wake Up
13. Time Machine
14. Thee
15. Out of Time


Dawn Lintern – Vocals and Guitar on ‘Over’ and ‘Out of Time’
Christian Ruland – Theremin, harmonica, Kaoss Pad, samples manipulation and backing vocals
Joe Dochtermann – Guitar

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dasfluff maximumdamage


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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