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Artist: Deviant UK
Title: very.bad.things
Genre: Gothic / Industrial / Electro
Release Date:14th January 2011
Label: Remote Music

Album Review

This January, DEVIANT UK - the project of talented and egocentric Jay Smith - released his new album called ‘very.bad.things’. DEVIANT UK was formed in January 2004 and is signed to Remote Music.

‘very. bad. Things’ noticeably differs from the previous work of DEVIANT UK ‘Barbed Wire Star’ by more dynamic and it can be even said more aggressive rhythms. Melodies are sweet to your ear and sounds are pretty much different from those that are used in most modern industrial bands. Sometimes while listening to ‘very.bad.things’ you can gain a feeling as you got one way ticket to electro / synth 80's (mostly because of Jay's specific vocals which perfectly combines with wicked sound of his music). There are many interesting songs on that album. I would even say that some are pretty much original to this scene.

Of course there are some weak points on ‘very.bad.things’... I think that there should be more time spent on production of this album. Mixing is not perfect and could be improved. Jay's vocals are really two sided... from one point of view he has really an original voice, but from another... well... the whole album sounds a bit punky, but hey... wasn't 80ies that cool thanks to punk music? So if you are enjoy listening to electro music that is somehow connected to 80ies, but with surprises from our modern time and especially if you like Gary Numan (who strongly influenced on Deviant UK's creativity), you definitely should listen to ‘very. bad. Things’.


01. Egomaniac 02:32
02. My Black Heart 05:14
03. You Know My Name 04:48
04. Maid Of Plastic 04:51
05. Bad Influence 05:24
06. Wreckhead 05:40
07. Crazy Loves You 05:04
08. Angel One 05:40
09. What Have I Become 05:50
10. Find Me 05:51
11. Why So Serious 06:03
12. Without A Shadow 05:26
13. You Will Burn 05:23
14. Bad Influence (Peter Spilles Version) 06:14


Jay Smith - singer, songwriter, front man


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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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