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deviantuk verybadthings deluxe
Artist: Deviant UK
Title: Very Bad Things (Deluxe edition)
Genre: Industrial, Synth Pop, Electro
Release Date: 23rd April 2013
Label: WTII Records

Album Review

It is said, if you don't praise yourself, nobody will. There are a lot of artists, who follow this rule. In case of DEVIANT UK it even works. The fact, that the front man Jay Smith is the only member of his project already could be a nice proof of how much importance he puts for his personality. Moreover he keeps repeating a quote from a review telling that he's "a true showman with an ego the size of a planet". So enough of Jay Smith, let's talk about Jay Smith. 'Very Bad Things' (the original version was released 2011 and now comes a deluxe edition with additional material) is 80 minutes of dark minimal Synth Pop inspired by PROJECT PITCHFORK and the 80s and supported by piercing not quite attractive but absolutely charismatic vocals. The deluxe edition of the album was complimented by remixes from Peter Spilles, ASSEMBLAGE 23, Gary Numan and others.

Unfortunately musical background hardly proposes anything new or original. It is pretty standard Synth Pop / Electro, which is difficult to differ from millions of other electronic bands. But together with lyrics and Smith's voice it has it's unique atmosphere and mood. The boring Synth Pop seed grows up and blossoms luxuriantly during the whole album. Even if from time to time DEVIANT UK sounds terrifying and makes you shiver it has something, what makes you to keep listening to it and come back to this album again and again. His simple melodies are quite sticky and danceable, they have everything to load dance floors with lots of energy. If you're a fan of this kind of music, it could be also a nice album for home listening. The main thing is that Smith seems to enjoy himself so much that it influences the listener as well.


01. Egomaniac
02. My Black Heart
03. You Know My Name
04. Maid of Plastic
05. Bad Influence
06. Wreckhead
07. Crazy Loves You
08. Angel One
09. What Have I Become
10. Find Me
11. Why So Serious?
12. Without a Shadow
13. You Will Burn

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
14. Wreckhead (Grendel Remix)
15. You Will Burn (NG Pro Remix)
16. Wreckhead (2013 Orchestral Movement Version w/Method Cell)
17. Wreckhead [Method Cell Remix]
19. You Will Burn [Acid Overdose Remix by The Ladder]
20. Maid of Plastic [On Your TV Mix by 19ninetynine]
21. Bad Influence [Peter Spilles Remix]
22. My Black Heart [Transplanted by Surgyn]
23. We Have A Technical [Gary Numan Cover]
24. Bad Influence [Bite The Pillow Mix by Katscan]
25. Access Denied! [Assemblage 23 Remix]


Jay Smith IS Deviant UK. Onstage he is joined by a band of miscreants, each handpicked due to their outstanding talents, individual style & commitment to bringing it in deviant style, both on and offstage.

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deviantuk verybadthings deluxe


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Total: 6 / 10

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