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haematom wennmanvomteufelspricht
Artist: Hämatom
Title: Wenn man vom Teufel spricht
Genre: Metal / Punk / Rock
Release Date: 30th September 2011
Label: Rookies & Kings

Album Review

Founded in 2004, it soon became obvious for the members of HÄMATOM that they’re not going to follow the beaten tracks of music genres. Neither a typical Metal combo due to their vocals (and lyrics) nor a traditional punk band, those guys try to merge best of both genres - the result is a very own style that would do for both “parties”. ‘Wenn man vom Teufel spricht’ is their third album and the consequent development of it’s predecessor ‘Stay Kränk’. A mixture of great riffs and a massive metal sound combined with Oi!-esque vocals that sometimes reminds of BÖHSE ONKELZ or KRAWALLBRÜDER. To be honest, it’s not that music I’m really into, but HÄMATOM are quite capable to compose some catchy songs that and melodies that would definitely do on stage with an audience singing along. Could be a really great show, especially when they’re doing the cover of ERSTE ALLGEMEINE VERUNSICHERUNG’s (EAV) ‘Neandertal’, a quite interesting cover of a song from the late 80´s/early 90´s…

HÄMATOM are tapping the full potential and bandwidth of both genres: the melodic tendency of all the metal bands and the hardness of punk and Oi!. Due to this otherness, the band seems to prefer to wear masks and changed their real names to Alter Egos – in order to emphasize their music and their performance. Although it’s not reinventing the wheel, it still works! Proof for that are their several support tours for bands like SOULFLY, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER, KNORKATOR, JBO und EISREGEN. Even at festivals, HÄMATOM gained success and impressed their audience, just like at Wacken 2011. All in all, ‘Wenn man vom Teufel spricht’ is a solid work, that open minded metal heads and tolerant fans of punk music should listen to. Sometimes old wine in new skins opens up new vistas!


01. Totgesagt Doch Neugeboren
02. Sturm
03. Es Ist Nicht Alles Gold Was Glänzt
04. Sie Will Nur Spielen
05. Circus Maximus
06. Man Muss Nicht Sterben Um In Der Hölle zu Sein
07. Meer
08. Fluch Oder Segen
09. Neandertal
10. Wer Hat Angst
11. Afrika
12. Apokalypse
13. Totgesagt Doch Neugeboren - Teil 2


Nord – Vocals
Ost - Guitars
Süd – Drums
West – Bass
Äquator – Producer
Pol – Artwork & Masks

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haematom wennmanvomteufelspricht


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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