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fridagold7Sputnikhalle, Münster, Germany
1st December 2011
Frida Gold, P-lot

FRIDA GOLD is currently considered a German Pop sensation and their debut album ‘Juwel’ has sweet melodies and thoughtful lyrics in abundance. One of their last stops on the current tour led the band to Münster and of course we were there to see the show of the talented young woman and her band.


The band’s roots go straight back to the year 1996. Back then it was a mere studio project. With the addition of a drummer to the line-up though, things changed rapidly. Contrary to other bands, P-LOT (speak pilot) manages themselves and is their own label with links to distribution, promotion etc. by specialized partners. Their upcoming album ‘Zuhören’ is going to be released in next year’s February. P-LOT is Alexander Robert Freund (vocals, guitar & synths), Andi "Templetone" Kaufmann (bass, vocals & synths) and Benjamin Argandona (drums & percussions). /


Music & Performance
The venue was quite packed already when P-LOT entered the stage to deliver us 30 minutes of German indie rock and peculiarities. While you could hear that they knew what they were doing, the music itself couldn’t convince me over the length of the set, really. The tracks sounded too much alike in my opinion. No wow-effect to put it more clearly. The audience on the other hand, amongst them a few fans if I got that right from the reactions, did obviously like it a lot and joined in to collective chants and whatever the guys were asking additionally. So they were granted a big applause when they ultimately had to leave. I don’t mean any disrespect here, but it felt way too long.

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 5
Light: 5
Total: 5 / 10


Frida Gold

FRIDA GOLD kind of just started in 2008, but judging from what they’ve achieved already, it seems like a long career by now. The first single ‘Zeig mir wie du tanzt’ after being released physically climbed the charts. From there on the trajectory pointed straight upwards for the young band and in this year’s April the debut album ‘Juwel’ was released. FRIDA GOLD consists of Alina Süggeler (vocals), Andreas „Andi" Weizel (bass), Julian Cassel (guitar), Thomas „Tommi" Holtgreve (drums) and live keyboarder Andre Pittelkau. /

Music & Performance
I can only speak for myself but I was extremely curious about the imminent performance of FRIDA GOLD, given the fact that I’ve never seen them before. The show was opened by an impressive drum & percussion intro before a disco-ish ‘Morgen’ started the show with fluffy beats and a feeling of joy spreading within the room.


First you can’t quite pinpoint where that’s coming from all of a sudden, eventually you realize it’s the recklessness and fresh spirit they bring on stage. ‘Undercover’ followed right up and for the first time many could glance at Alina now who got lost completely in the song, in a way pictured the lyrics for us. A little introduction speech followed. Very sympathetic appearance by the way! ‘Unsere Liebe ist aus Gold’ then put everyone into rapture and dancing, or at least nodding people could be spotted all around. Besides all those danceable tunes, the band shed a lot of light on their fragile side with such songs as ‘Nackt vor meiner Tür’. Incredible how many emotions came across during that song! Another one we shouldn’t forget was ‘Breathe On’ for which Alina mingled with the audience to perform the minimalist song. With ‘Dreams’ came the next highlight performed by, I think it was her brother. As classic singer / songwriter ballad with wonderful lyrics and an eventual mutual performance!


‘Cold Hearted Baby’ unleashed rage, something that at some point must be done in order not to kill you ultimately. Sadly, this one was the last I heard. If I didn’t have to catch my train I’d have loved to see the entire show. Highly recommended!

01. Morgen
02. Undercover
03. Unsere Liebe ist aus Gold
04. Gold
05. Komm zu mir nach Haus
06. Zeig mir wie du tanzt
07. Nackt vor deiner Tür
08. Denn Liebe ist…
09. Breathe On
10. Dreams
11. Cold Hearted Baby
12. Waffen und Pferde
13. Verständlich sein
14. Wovon sollen wir träumen
15. L’amour De Soi
16. Aufgewacht

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8.6 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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