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grandchaos rumoursofmylife
Artist: Grandchaos
Title: Rumours Of My Life
Genre: EBM
Release Date: 30th January 2012
Label: EK Product

Album Review

A Belgian artist Tcheleskov Ivanovitch is engaged in music since 80s, so he knows how should real EBM sound. Tcheleskov is famous for his first band IDLO. After more than 10 ears, when the band stopped its activity, Tcheleskov started his solo carrier. His debut mini album was released 2000 and was followed by other two mini albums and a remix album. On the remix album you can find interpretations from such artists as DIGITAL FACTOR and ARMAGEDDON DILDOS. 2007, a real full length album ‘Open Source’ was released, as the result of all experiments Tcheleskov provided on his mini albums. For the second album, which was released this year, the musician invited another Belgian artist Jacky Meurisse, famous for different projects, but mostly for SIGNAL AOUT 42.

Hiding himself behind a mask and sunglasses and inspired by comic and Tarantino’s movies Tcheleskov presents his new album ‘Rumours Of My Life’. Talking about the previous album, Tcheleskov’s vocals were discussed. It was said, that the vocals are traditional for that type of music with different effects on it, which are used by most of the artists. This time, the musician decided to invite a vocalist. Meurisse made his work good enough, making electronic tunes darker and march-like. On the last tracks there are also a female voices, they give the album apocalyptic mood. In general ‘Rumours Of My Life’ sounds very calm for an EBM album, but still has the atmosphere of a dystopia and the end of the world. GRANDCHAOS proved one more time that the fatherland of EBM is Belgium.


01. Stay With Me
02. Refuge
03. Eve Of Destruction
04. Some Emotion
05. Resurrection
06. Red Clown False Prophet
07. Belief
08. Revenge
09. The Sky Will Be My Tomb
10. A Lot Of Pain
11. Replica
12. Ultra Dark Day (Foretaste remix)
13. Belief (Groupe-T remix)


Tcheleskov Ivanovitch


Cover Picture

grandchaos rumoursofmylife


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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