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henke herz
Artist: Henke
Title: Herz EP
Genre: Alternative / Rock / Gothic
Release Date: 23rd March 2012
Label: SPV / Oblivion

Album Review

Oswald Henke, mastermind of the long-standing project GOETHES ERBEN showed several times that his future plans are unpredictable. His “newest” project is HENKE, founded in 2009 as a live band that first performed songs from GOETHES ERBEN but in a bit different way due to the fact that more people were involved. In 2011, HENKE proved that it is more than just a performing organ of GOETHES ERBEN songs. In March, HENKE released ‘Vom A zum F’, the first EP with own songs - and one month later it was time for ‘Seelenfütterung’. 13 tracks that were penned by Oswald Henke and realized in teamwork with the other members in the band.

Almost a year it took to release the epilogue of their first creative cycle. Two previously unreleased tracks can be found on the EP: ‘Herz’ and ‘Orangenschiffchen’. Furthermore it contains a live version of ‘Weil Ich Es Kann’ and an overwhelming cover of DAVID BOWIE´s song ‘Helden’ (Heroes). Beginning with ‘Herz’, HENKE show that they are capable of gentle, tender and smooth tunes. Reminding me of some old songs of GOETHES ERBEN the striking difference is, that it seems to be more a team work of the band than it was in ERBEN-times. It seems that the music is no longer just “subservient” to the lyrics… both serve each other in a brilliant way.

Then it’s ‘Helden’ - the slight whispering of Oswald Henke and the powerful and highly intense vocals of Sonja Kraushofer (COMA DIVINE, L'ÂME IMMORTELLE) fit perfect within this song. Aside from that, ‘Helden’ is not a version with translated lyrics by Henke himself - the lyrics are the same DAVID BOWIE used in his version. ‘Orangenschiffchen’ is the next song, HENKE introduces to the audience. A song that shows the capability of this band in a different way - in short: a song that definitely works up your appetite for more. ‘Weil ich es kann’ completes the EP with an impressive proof of HENKE´s live qualities. And some listeners that might be patient can also enjoy a hidden remix version of ‘Herz’.

While closing the first cycle of their releases, this release even opens the door to the next chapter: ‘Maskenball der Nackten’ is the title of HENKE´s forthcoming album. The financing of an album is quite hard, but HENKE are looking forward to releasing their second album within this year. In order to accomplish this challenge, the band has the idea of gaining money from their fans on a very special way. All you need to know, can be found over here (only in German language): So, what else to say? ‘Herz EP’ is another impressive step in Oswald Henke’s musical life and an awesome release by HENKE. It’s not just bridging the time gap, but the proof of a development HENKE made within the last three years. Well done!


01. Herz
02. Helden
03. Orangenschiffchen
04. Weil ich es kann (live)
05. Herz (Hidden! Remix)


Oswald Henke – Vocals
Tobias Schäfer – Keys, Piano
Stefan Söllner – Guitars
Tom Bola – Bass, FX
Benjamin Küfner – Drums
Special Guest: Sonja Kraushofer – Vocals on ‘Helden’

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henke herz


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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