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Artist: Jakob Royal
Title: Jakob Royal
Genre: Offbeat-Pop
Release Date: 17th February 2012
Label: Monster Artists

Album Review

Grown up in Berlin-Kreuzberg, JAKOB ROYAL lived through that experiences every big city child made within the years. These circumstances find expression within the music JAKOB ROYAL releases on his self-titled debut. Influenced by artists like ALICIA KEYS or SEEED in his youth, he began to learn playing drums and guitar, followed by piano and last but not least writing lyrics and composing. According to his “big city life”, the music of JAKOB ROYAL lies in-between all the ethnical arrangements a city like Berlin has in store. Reggae, Ska, Soul… all these elements combined in a very own mixture is the distinctive character of JAKOB ROYAL´s music, which he calls “Offbeat-Pop” by himself. A certain variation also lies within the lyrics: German, English, French and Italian lyrics can be found on this release which fits to the arrangements in a perfect way.

Proof of JAKOB ROYAL´s quality are the several collaborations on his debut, but how lucky can one be to work with a beautiful young promising artist like IVY QUAINOO, who recently won Germany’s casting show “The Voice of Germany”? Aside from the fact that you have to like that kind of music JAKOB ROYAL keeps at hand, this promising debut is definitely worth to listen to. Now, that the first shafts of sunlight delights one’s heart, JAKOB ROYAL could be the soundtrack to stroll through the town (even yours is small) and enjoy some hours of peace between ethnicities that already exists within music, although world doesn’t seem to care…


01. Get up
02. Alright feat. Kingsley
03. First man on the sun
04. Baby with a bullet
05. Cool it down
06. Felicità
07. Reggae Men feat. Noah Wotring
08. World standing still
09. International Tristezza
10. Throw you
11. Sometimes feat. Dian de Rockwell
12. Poisoned brain
13. Radio Revoluzion


Jakob Royal – Guitars
Benedikt Schnitzler – Guitars
Leo Endruweit – Bass
Philipp Hasse – Drums 
Joni Melodica – Keys
Bruno Dietel – Trumpet
Florian Palowski – Sax
Ami Sha – Background
Ivy Quainoo – Background

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jakobroyal st


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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