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Artist: Henke
Title: Vom A zum F (EP)
Genre: Gothic / Alternative
Release Date: 25th February 2011
Label: Oblivion (SPV)

Album Review

Introducing Oswald Henke should be obsolete… barely another artist of its genre is quite more active as the mastermind of former GOETHES ERBEN: writing books, doing reading tours, working on fetisch:MENSCH… and now: HENKE!

Founded in 2009 just as a live band that offered a compendium of Oswald Henke’s works from over the years on stage, HENKE now turns out to be a “regular” project… The inevitable proof of that fact is the present EP called ‘Vom A zum F’ that will be released on 25th February - three new songs and a remix (probably by Fil Groth of QNTAL) are not enough as it seems… apart from that ‘Vom A zum F’ includes the GOETHES ERBEN classic ‘Spuren im Schnee’. The good news still continue: This release is just an appetizer - the album ‘Seelenfütterung’ will be released on April 18th!

Coinciding with the forthcoming album release, HENKE embark on a full tour through Germany and the bordering countries, bringing the songs of the album ‘Seelenfütterung’ as well as songs of GOETHES ERBEN, ARTWORK and ERBLAST. Little remains to say about this release: whether you like Oswald Henke’s kind of composing, his voice, the attitude and his Sprechgesang / recitative or not. It´s statable, that HENKE definitely caused a certain development in Henke’s composing. Voice and instruments are now living side by side - that might be a little bit easier for listeners to handle the worlds and imaginations Oswald Henke is capable to create.

In my opinion ‘Vom A zum F’ is a must have for all fans of Oswald Henke and his projects as well as for listeners that are willing to experience intensive composing and word constructions!


01. Vom A zum F
02. Das
03. Blind
04. Spuren im Schnee
05. Vom A zum F (Filmix)


Oswald Henke – Vocals
Hanna Løg – Piano, Keys, Vocals
Tom Bola – Bass, FX
Stefan Söllner – Guitar
Benjamin Küfner – Drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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