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michaelschenkerandfriends bloodofthesun
Artist: Michael Schenker & Friends
Title: Blood of the Sun
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 28th March 2014
Label: Collectors Dream Records

Review Flash

Once again I am reviewing a new output of a musician that is known all over the place, so this time I will make it short: MICHAEL SCHENKER was born on January the 10th 1955 in Sarstedt, Germany he is Rudolf Schenker`s (SCORPIONS) brother and really famous as fuck. To present you my dear readers with an overview over this guitar slaying demigod`s work I assembled a little extra information… Schenker has a big history as a musician; his discography includes nine solo albums, ten records with MSG, five with MC AULEY SCHENKER GROUP, and eight with UFO, two with the SCORPIONS and many side projects with illustrious people like William Shatner and so on. So this guy decided to do a record with cover versions of great rock classics which normally could be a very, very stupid and unoriginal idea… So yeah it could have been a bad idea to just cover some classics, the reason this isn’t a bad record is that Schenker is not capable to do anything short of epic when he holds a guitar in his hands. He was, is and will forever be a fantastic guitarist and a big player in rock history (at least in my opinion). If you always wanted to listen to a priest version of BLACK SABBATH`s ‘War pigs’ here it is with JUDAS PRIEST ex-singer Tim “Ripper” Owens. These cover versions are really quite nice and so is this album in its totality.

Conclusion: If you love to listen to a guitar wizard you will love to experience this record…

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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