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Artist: Henke
Title: Seelenfütterung
Genre: Gothic / Alternative / Rock
Release Date: 15th April 2011
Label: Oblivion (SPV)

Album Review

Five years ago, an era seemed to go to an end. Oswald Henke and Mindy Kumbalek decided to freeze their project GOETHES ERBEN that was formative for a whole generation of Gothics for more than a decade. Reasons for that were financial issues and Mindy’s wish to apply oneself other things beside music. But the active and restless mastermind Oswald Henke didn’t want to relinquish being on stage and performing songs. Therefore in 2009, he founded HENKE, a live band that first performed songs from GOETHES ERBEN but in a bit different way due to the fact that more people were involved. Now in 2011, HENKE is more than just a performing organ of GOETHES ERBEN songs. In March, they released ‘Vom A zum F’, the first EP with own songs, and now there’s ‘Seelenfütterung’. 13 new tracks that were penned by Oswald Henke and realized in teamwork with the other members in the band.

First of all, I have to say that HENKE cannot be compared with GOETHES ERBEN properly. After a few beats one will recognize that HENKE has got more character of a band. It’s a project that carries more easiness and nimblicity than GOETHES ERBEN ever did. In my opinion, there’s a chance that more people could gain access to Oswald Henke’s intensive composing and word constructions. Maybe if you really want to compare it, songs like ‘Marionetten’ are quite in a common sense but clearly not the same. ‘Seelenfütterung’ starts with a very catchy and poppy sound on ‘Weil ich es kann’, supporting Oswald’s remarkable voice and is able to keep this mood through the whole song. ‘Es ist Nacht’ falls into line - a spherical song and minimalist instrumentation. One of my favourite songs on this album is ‘Wer mich liebt’: piano sounds and the whispering voice of Oswald Henke that bulge unto the refrain still gives me goose bumps. ‘Uhren Essen’ carries a special atmosphere with his “onomatopoeia”, as you can say so, of a ticking noise and wide piano parts.

‘Ohne Titel’ brings out a melancholic side on the album and is a very beautiful song. Followed by ‘Seelenfütterung’ and ‘Findenzoo’, it seems that HENKE found a way to combine Oswald Henkes impressive lyrics with catchy melodies. ‘Ich Protestiere’, ‘Manisch Aggressiv’ and ‘Vom A Zum F’ present the rocking parts on ‘Seelenfütterung’, while in ‘An jedem Haar’ the volume reduces again. ‘Traumzeitlos’ is coming around just like the title predicts in a dreamy way and ‘Herbstkinder’ concludes with light piano sounds like a musical clock an awesome release. ‘Seelenfütterung’ is an album that seems more catchy and accessible to a greater audience. Although it seems that one could listen to it in an easy way right in the background (what was in my opinion impossible to do on a GOETHES ERBEN release) should make the effort to listen closely to awesome compositions and not less than beautiful lyrics written by one of the most impressive person of gothic genre. ‘Seelenfütterung’ is definitely a must have!


01. Weil Ich Es Kann
02. Es Ist Nacht
03. Wer Mich Liebt
04. Uhren Essen
05. Ohne Titel
06. Seelenfütterung
07. Findenzoo
08. Ich Protestiere
09. Manisch Aggressiv
10. Vom A Zum F
11. An Jedem Haar
12. Traumzeitlos
13. Herbstkinder


Oswald Henke – Vocals
Hanna Løg – Piano, Keys, Vocals
Tom Bola – Bass, FX
Stefan Söllner – Guitar
Benjamin Küfner – Drums

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Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 10 / 10

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