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Artist: Guano Apes
Title: Bel Air
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 1st April 2011
Label: Columbia Records

Album Review

When I’m going back in time, remembering GUANO APES hits like Open Your Eyes’ or ‘Lords Of The Borads’ I’m still having the feeling of them being just released and not 14 years ago which makes even me feel old right now. Well, let’s roll on to the present again. Following a whole lot of nothing for quite some time the apes are back together and have a new album out called ‘Bel Air’. It seems like time and age have worked together to add some relaxation to the band’s sound cause already the first song ‘Sunday’ oozes serenity in ambient textures and mellow vocals and even the vivid parts of it are far more relaxed than they used to be. It’s an easy party song to begin with. The joy of playing, however, hasn’t got lost on the way. ‘Oh What A Night’ spreads an equally relaxing tone until there’re cracks appearing and a rocking anthem starts to unfold, which is not the strongest ever heard of the band but still good for a few listens. ‘When The Ships Arrive’ is keeping a low profile and even when the chorus comes and Sandra’s voice soars up to new heights they’re surprisingly keeping back.

With a ‘Tiger’, you’re usually associating things like strength or ferocity. Those things you can find a plenty in the next track, called ‘Tiger’, dirty riffs and vocals included. Afterwards the band makes a cut again and the guitar melodies sounding on ‘Fanman’ drift in a haze of ambience and for the most time in the distance while it’s exploding hallway through the track which makes the field I had in mind for it first, a chill out bar, not fully suitable for it. ‘All I Wanna Do’ takes no prisoners and flexes its muscles on start-up. Another rather poppy effort follows with the penultimate track ‘Fire In Your Eyes’ before ‘Trust’ kicks you literally out the door and the album. It’s light and darkness on the comeback album. On the one hand there are tracks rocking like hell; on the other hand tracks that in my eyes don’t fit. Not that I wouldn’t like ambience or textures that’s not it. But they’re lacking something. But these are the new GUANO APES and the sound reflects their current spirit apparently. It just doesn’t feel coherent as a whole to me.


01. Sunday Lover - 3:58
02. Oh What A Night - 3:12
03. When The Ships Arrive - 4:05
04. This Time - 3:52
05. She's A Killer - 3:16
06. Tiger - 2:33
07. Fanman - 3:52
08. All I Wanna Do - 3:06
09. Fire In Your Eyes - 4:38
10. Trust - 7:08


Sandra Nasić - Vocals
Henning Rümenapp - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Stefan Ude - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dennis Poschwatta - Drums, Backing Vocals

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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