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Artist: Foo Fighters
Title: Wasting Light
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 8th April 2011
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

Sure as hell I don’t have to make many words about FOO FIGHTERS. Founded in 1995, they rose to fame and three of their albums actually were rewarded with a Grammy Award. These days the band releases their highly anticipated new album ‘Wasting Light’, which is taking off with ‘Bridge Is Burning’ with a gritty but increasingly melodic riff that goes together eventually with a vibrant drum beat short before it all switches to a softly pushing build with Dave Grohl’s clean vocals. Following ‘Rope’ really is something you’d want to be woken up by; when already awake, however, you’ll be taken away by the melancholy mood and the ferociously played drums. The melancholy is getting even more to the front on ‘Dear Rosemary’. It’s almost palpable in everything that makes the song. Not even the occasional harshness in the guitars could destroy that strong feeling, lying in Grohl’s voice. If you were getting the feeling this was far too much, you’d be delighted to hear that the next track ‘White Limo’ unites all the necessary trademarks to make it a perfect head banger’s orgy:

Forward-pacing drums with the riffs riding on it and evil screams. Even though the rhythm on ‘Miss The Misery’ is straight as a line the guitar licks are shifting into uneven signatures, drift off into noisy realms and are just gorgeous in this clearance of a song. The penultimate track ‘I Should Have Known’ ventures off into bluesy territory. Plaintive melodies wrap around Dave’s processed vocals and at times I feel he’s sounding like a preacher, but in a good way. It is another highlight close to the album’s end that is made with ‘Walk’, a very poppy example of a track that I could imagine to work in a movie to underscore a particular scene. Overall, we can summarize that ‘Wasting Light’, actually the first one of FOO FIGHTERS I came in contact with, has all it takes to become a success for the band: Serene and moments of power, detailed arrangements and a band whose joy of playing is audible in every song.


01. Bridge Is Burning - 4:51
02. Rope - 4:23
03. Dear Rosemary - 4:31
04. White Limo - 3:27
05. Arlandria - 4:32
06. These Days - 5:03
07. Back And Forth - 3:57
08. A Matter Of Time - 4:40
09. Miss The Misery - 4:37
10. I Should Have Know - 4:20
11. Walk - 4:20


Dave Grohl - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, percussion
Pat Smear - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals
Nate Mendel - bass
Taylor Hawkins - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Chris Shiflett - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals


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Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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