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fiddlersgreen28Haus Auensee, Leipzig, Germany
27th March 2015
Fiddler‘s Green & My Flint

After a long break, a weekend with FIDDLER’S GREEN was on my way. On two consecutive days I could enjoy the music of the six musicians who are an absolute highlight again and again, if one may experience them in clubs. And just for their jubilee tour they showed that they have not forgotten anything in twenty-five years as a band and still get all the rooms for sweating. So I was prepared to dance, sing and celebrate the whole night.

My Flint

As the opening act of FIDDLER’S GREEN I noticed MY FLINT already last year. The four guys from Nuremberg make music for ten years. In 2006, they published their first album titled ‘Summer Camp’ followed by ‘My Horoscope Told Me That I Will Be A Hero Today’ in 2010. Their music reminds by the first hearing of BLINK 182. But it shows on all the songs that they bring their own style to it and that they just have fun in what they do. End of this year they release their third album and it will be interesting what they offer us this time. /


Music & Performance
After watching the boys already once live I knew that I could be glad about a funny show. Rather unknown in our area, in the beginning it was a little bit hard to get the audience in motion for the band. But after a few songs the ice was broken and Leipzig celebrated together with MY FLINT a party at Haus Auensee. With funny jokes between the songs they broke up the mood and you could see more and more people celebrate and dance in the audience. The songs of the four guys really go into the blood and you barely have the opportunity to stand still. As I heard the two albums almost every day in recent weeks in the car on continuous loop, I could sing along often, which made the celebration for me that much more enjoyable.


In a short break between two songs they introduced the current album and also gave some free copies to the audience. After this it went on with the show. And guys... I did not forget it! Of course, you will receive for your show 12 points for your extreme sex appeal! I hope the guys come more often to the area and I have the opportunity to see them live. Otherwise, I can only recommend to go the way to Nuremberg to see one of the concerts they play there.

01. Summercamp
02. Obvious
03. Miles and Miles
04. Dandelions
05. My Ghosts
06. Bomberman
07. Eating Nails
08. Rogue Shark Theory
09. Nevertheless
10. Ivory Heart

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Sex Appeal: 12
Total: 9.5 / 10


Fiddlers Green

FIDDLER’S GREEN were founded in 1990 in Erlangen and describe their music style as Irish Speedfolk. Over the past twenty-five years, the six guys have published a total of seventeen albums. The last album, which was released earlier this year, includes the greatest hits from the past, including some pieces that you could previously only heard live. With this album FIDDLER’S GREEN start their big jubilee tour through twelve German cities. Fiddler's Green consist of Ralf "Albi" Albers, Pat Prziwara, Stefan Klug, R. Schulz, Tobias Heindl and Frank Jooss. /


Music & Performance
As always, if you go to a Fiddler's Green Concert, you can look forward to a big party. The six guys are always a guarantor for a sudorific and magnificent show. Also this time the audience was not disappointed. Already with the first song the hall caught in to cook and no one could stand still. I could not wait to interfere myself into the crowd and celebrate. There was no break to get some air to breath, at least this was not planned... As between two songs the accordion by Stefan broke up Albi and Pat showed their entertainers qualities and sang two songs off the cuff. One of them was ‘Souling Song’ by Albi’s solo album ‘Off the Hook’. As the accordion ran again they continued rocking immediately and the guys promised, despite the spontaneous extension not to reduce the additions. A little more quietly it became with the Instrumental by Tobi, Stefan and Frank. To see the three as the main characters on the stage with lighted instruments is always nice to hear and see... And this time Tobi has excelled himself by playing his violin.


How it belongs to FIDDLER’S GREEN they also went this time unplugged to the audience to celebrate together with the fans ‘Donkey Riding’. Once they were back on stage, they gave even more classic songs. So the audience was also divided to build a “Wall of Folk” during the song ‘Rocky Road To Dublin’. Of course FIDDLER’S GREEN also presented some of their older songs, such as the only song with a German text line ‘Shut up and dance’. After two hours of singing and celebrating the concert was still not over and the band of course insisted to play several encores - with those they went wild so properly over again and also the audience gave its best to party. At the last song of the evening, 25 young women were brought to the stage by the Folk Raider and he handed a red rose to every girl and they sang all together ‘Blarney Roses’. After 2.5 hours, the concert was over and no one in the audience was left who was not completely drenched in sweat from this sweaty party. But at all they looked as they had a lot of fun at this evening.


Even now I realized again that it is essential to experience FIDDLERS’S GREEN live, because the energy and fun, the guys still spread even after twenty-five years, is simply legendary.

01. Take Me Back
02. Scolding Wife
03. A Bottle A Day
04. Queen Of Argyll
05. Irish Air
06. Walking High
07. The More The Merrier
08. Jump
09. Solo
10. Donkey Riding
11. Mary Mack
12. Irish Rover
13. Dirty Old Town
14. Rocky Road To Dublin
15. Greens And Fellows
16. Down By The Hillside
17. Irish Washerwoman
18. A Night In Dublin
19. We Don’t Care
20. Shut Up And Dance
21. Never Hide
22. Old Dun Cow
23. Captains Song
24. Folk‘s Not Dead
25. Burning The Night
26. Yindy
27. The Night Pat Murphy Died
28. Bugger Off
29. Victor And His Demons
30. Blarney Roses

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 10
Light: 9
Total: 9.8 / 10


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Alter Schlachthof, Dresden, Germany
28th March 2015
Fiddler‘s Green & My Flint

By happy circumstances I could drive on Saturday to Dresden and enjoy the concert of FIDDLER’S GREEN once again. Again MY FLINT played as the opening act. It was obvious that many people in the audience were already in Leipzig the day before because that night you saw more people celebrate already with MY FLINT. In Dresden the air has already cooked after few minutes and the mood was better than in Leipzig. Even after the concert you had the chance to talk to the bands and in Dresden you could see some great things. For example the FIDDLER’S GREEN fan club handed out a new ram to the band and also some very intensive conversations were carried on. At this point I would like to thank both bands again that they have signed my guitar and Susi for the fact that she has played a song to the guys.


For me it was a definitively successful weekend which I would experience with pleasure again and also most other in the audience it would go in such a way. Remains to hope that FIDDLER’S GREEN will be a band for another twenty-five years with so much power.

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All pictures by Susann Lucas

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