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janoschmoldau minor
Artist: Janosch Moldau
Title: Minor [CD]
Genre: Synth Pop / Electro Pop
Release Date: 29th May 2015
Label: Motor Entertainment

Album Review

All the songs on the CD were written and recorded during the winter months in Italy on Lake Lugano. Deep synthetically layered sound with a melancholy undertone mourning something not quite reached. Mystical nuances of lost hope yet searching for some form of eternal truth. His first track, ‘Done Wrong’, seems to lament something unattainable. The second track, ‘Minor’, the title track is quite different then the first surprisingly. Jagged guitar riffs and melodic vocals. A sadly romantic song about love, bitterness and friendship. Simply beautiful in its execution. ‘State of Hurt’ goes back to more classicism. Darkly and gothically romantic. ‘Minorum’ seems a bit more jazzy but very short. ‘The Other Side’ gives you feeling of having already crossed over to the darkness.

Not feeling life, not living just being here in this reality. ‘The Harbour’ has really interesting sounds to it, the layered effect, waves of sound emanating from a watery world. ‘Jesus Denies’ is a bit unsettling, like mourning the constant philosophical battle between religious belief and consciousness. ‘Shiner’ is much more upbeat then the previous songs and has the same melancholic ally romantic feeling but is unique. Beautiful synthetic sound with melodic waves of vocals and sound. ‘Precious Life’ has an earlier 80s synth sound to it. What sound he creates from the synthesizers is amazing. Intense and hypnotic. ‘Leave and Go’ covers the saints and Virgin Mary. ‘We Both Feel Minor’ is a good ending to the CD. A good album for reflections of the mind and for doing some soul searching or just listening to on a dark night.


01. Done Wrong
02. Minor
03. State Of Hurt
04. Minorum (Ordo Fratrum Minorum)
05. The Other Side
06. The Harbour
07. Jesus Denies
08. Shiner
09. Precious Life
10. Leave And Go
11. We Both Feel Minor


Janosch Moldau


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janoschmoldau minor


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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