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introMCC Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
23rd February 2017
Falco - The Musical 2017

The hits of the music legend in a rousing show! FALCO – THE MUSICAL celebrates the Austrian pop legend in a crazy and visually stunning musical biography. For the 60th birthday of the icon, the musical tours through Germany for the first time and stopped in Münster last Thursday.

Already in young years and at the beginning of his career, FALCO, the most successful Austrian musician of the last century, knew to excite and also to provoke. Until today, his song ‘Rock me Amadeus’ from 1985 is the only song in German language reaching position one in the US charts. With his single ‘Der Kommissar’ (1981), sold more than seven million times, he delivered the first Rap song of a white guy being successful worldwide. And also his provoking song ‘Jeanny’ from 1986 remained several weeks on top position in the charts. But this early fame and status as a world star became a problem for FALCO… FALCO – THE MUSICAL is an affectionate homage to the biggest genius of the German speaking Pop / Rap history who died much too early with just forty. The touching, two hours lasting live show presents the biggest hits of the enigmatic and extroverted pop star, who enjoyed life to the max, and gives a deep insight into the thoughts and feelings of FALCO, enriched by shrill dance interludes and artistic projections and original video sequences. For the star role, Alexander Kerbst could be won who bears a striking resemblance to FALCO and additionally sings and moves like the icon of a whole generation. / 


Music & Performance
The show starts with a modern intro performance of ‘Rock me Amadeus’ with the cast of the show – many dancers – and the live band. The intro makes sure that the story of FLACO, super star, will be told. The frame is set by actor Andreas Berg who is presenting the manager and close friend of Falco (Horst Bork), taking over the position of a story teller. The concept of the show is kind of a full circle, starting with the death of FALCO 1998 at the Dominican Republic. On the screen, you see the completely damaged car where FALCO lost his life. Back to the start with his band DRAHDIWADERL where is was playing bass first and their hit ‘Ganz Wien’. From there, the musical shows the stations of his live, his first international success with ‘Der Kommisar’, alcohol abuse and sex orgies, the video shoot of ‘Rock me Amadeus’, the breakthrough in USA where he reached number one with the first ever German speaking song, depressions, the magical show at the Donauinselfest in front of 150,000 fans, flashbacks in time to his childhood (when he still was Hans Hölzel and not FALCO), divorce, split with his manager and friend Horst Bork, tried comebacks, his move to the Dom Rep, the last hits to the deadly crash at the end, a live on the fast lane. The musical shows the complicated man FALCO and his struggles with live and his success. “Muss ich denn sterben, um zu leben” (“Do I have to die to live?“) from ‘Out of the Dark’ is asked at the end.


The musical presents a part of pop history, the life of a genius. There are several hits if FALCO presented in full length. In-between, there are little stories and historical video sequences to complete the picture of the artist. Even though the musical is too short to fully present the complex personality of FALCO. Main actor Alexander Kerbst excellently incorporated the modern Mozart FLACO, the egoist. From a distance, you might really think FALCO himself is standing on stage, vocally he’s excellent. His torn personality is presented by devil Stefanie Kock (Ana Conda) and angel Nike Tiecke (Jeanny). Overall, the musical still is based on the hits of FALCO and not on his full live. But it’s the hits anyway people are coming since no one ever has any chance to see FALCO live on stage again. The musical was produced by Oliver Forster (i.e. Elvis – The Musical, The Beatles Musical). Musical director was FALCO’s long-time keyboarder Thomas Rabitsch. Visually, various stage arrangements underline the shrill video character of the songs. Anything is supported by an atmospheric light show. People are excited at the end, thanking with standing ovations. Memories of the big Austrian artist are still alive!

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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