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thehawkins silenceisabomb
Artist: The Hawkins
Title: Silence Is A Bomb
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4th September 2020
Label: The Sign Records

Album Review

Every now and then I jump into the cold water of checking out bands and styles that are new to me, ‘Silence is a Bomb’ of THE HAWKINS is one of such seldom moments in time. Never heard of these guys before, checked a music video and after approximately two minutes I said: “Ok, fuck it I’ll do a write-up!” and here we are, you reading this and me singing yet another praise. THE HAWKINS was formed in the year 2013 in Arboga, Sweden. ‘Silence is a Bomb’ is the band’s third LP to date and the style they play is quite a unique, ripping worship of bands like THE DARKNESS and QUEEN mixed with a bit of THE HELLACOPTERS and other more modern and Pop rooted acts. Sometimes there’s even singer-songwriter moments here and there amid the sometimes rather hysterical high energy rock. ‘All my Birds are Dead’ reminds me a bit of Glen Hansard in the calmer moments. I am confused by this and I really enjoy it at the same time. If you like the mentioned bands and can wrap your head around a mix of all these very different styles and musical settings this might be the record of the year for you. Please people if you are new to this band (like me) check them out and let me know if you like them and what you like most.


01. Silence Is A Bomb
02. Roomer
03. Hilow
04. Stones
05. Mynah
06. Minuette
07. Cut Moon Bleeds
08. Libertine
09. Stranger In The Next Room
10. Black Gold
11. Fisherman Blues
12. All My Birds Are Dead


Johannes Carlsson - Guitars / Lead vocals
Mikael Thunborg - Guitars / Backing vocals
Martin Larsson - Bass / Backing vocals
Albin Grill - Drums / Backing vocals

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thehawkins silenceisabomb


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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