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Palladium, Cologne, Germany
15th April 2008
Fury in the Slaughterhouse & Schulz

After 21 years band history, FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE now decided to call it quits and end the history of the band, much to the regret of many fans. “Luckily” you had the chance to see the band once more live during their farewell tour which was leading the band on 15th April to Cologne, where also the tour DVD was filmed. The venue was totally packed and anyone was looking forward the show. Originally planned as supports were GREGORY DARLING and SCHULZ, but Mr. Darling was undergoing a surgery on both eyes and so, he had to cancel the rest of the tour.


Because GREGORY DARLING could not tour any further, SCHULZ from Hannover had to take over the support slot all alone. Usually Fabian Schulz - previous front man of NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE and second half of the project WOHNRAUMHELDEN - is standing on stage only armed with an acoustic guitar. Today he had some support, namely by Christian Decker of FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE on bass, GREGORY DARLING’s drummer and another guitarist. /

Music & Performance
The whole stage was covered with a white curtain, only a small rim was left for a drum set and some microphones. Additionally, there was a catwalk into the audience giving some more room for the support. But before SCHULZ started, Thorsten Wingenfelder of FURY came on stage to make a little “announcement”. He explained why there was only SCHULZ as support during the evening. Furthermore he told us that his brother Kai injured his knee during the show in Luxemburg. A following show had to be cancelled and first it looked as the whole rest of the tour had to be cancelled too. But a good doctor from Cologne fixed the knee so the band is able to finish their farewell tour. After this statement, SCHULZ and his three companions entered the stage.

Fabian Schulz started the set with the song ‘Ich’ on his acoustic guitar. During the set, he took a seat on a bar chair to play the more complicated songs. But not only Fabian was giving a very good show. Also his supporting musicians did - even though those guys usually do not play together - and you could even hear some guitar solo, highly acclaimed by the audience. The last song ‘Supermann’ was surely the highlight of the show. Before the song started, Fabian told us about his little son Elvis for whom he had written the song and who was not very happy about the fact that his dad was on tour. Due to the fact that the show was filmed and he wanted to show something special to his son later, he asked to raise their hands at a specific point of the song and scream the name of his son. And yeah, people screamed loud! This was a very nice final of this show.

01. Ich
02. Vorbei
03. Auf deiner Seite
04. Himmelblau
05. Wir fliegen
06. Supermann

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.2

Fury in the Slaughterhouse

More than 20 years FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE - who are named btw after the famous black horse Fury from the TV series - are coming to an end. The history of the band dates back to 1987; with the first live show 1988 in home town Hannover they presented something different to the popular “Neue Deutsche Welle” - rock music with English lyrics. Last autumn, the band announced its end and now it was time for “The Best Of 20 Years - Farewell & Goodbye” tour. FURY are Kai Uwe Wingenfelder (vocals, guitar), Thorsten Wingenfelder (guitar, vocals), Christof Stein-Schneider (guitar), Rainer Schumann (drums), Gero Drnek (keyboards and more) and Christian Decker (bass). /

Music & Performance
This Tuesday evening in Cologne was something special for the band. There was a TV broadcast of WDR television, the recording of the live DVD and of course the already known USB recording studio (people can get the live recording of the evening right after the show on USB stick). Short before nine, the show started with a video shown on the already mentioned white curtain presenting sequences from the band history along to a cover version of the AC/DC classic ‘It’s a long Way to the Top if you wanna Rock'n'Roll’ which was recorded by the Norwegian singer Susanna Karolina Wallumrod. Melancholic feelings anyone already? I had! But when the curtain was dropped and the band revealed, the party started with ‘Cut myself into Pieces’ from the ‘Hook-A-Hey’ album followed by ‘Hang the DJ’ and ‘Hello and Goodbye’. The first little highlight followed with ‘Radio Orchid’ where people sang along loudly and that was underlined by a fabulous light show… like the whole show was. And the motto of the show was assigned by Kai: “No experiments, no new songs. We just wanna play the stuff you wanna hear”.

After some more songs, the whole band left the stage to perform ‘One good Reason’ in the middle of the audience, which was pleased to sit down - and most people in the whole hall did - during the band was playing on the floor. It was a magic moment seeing the band standing on a little spot in the middle of their fans. Also the next song, ‘Bring me home’, was presented from that place in the crowd. The last refrain was sung loudly by the audience while the band was heading back to stage just to start the next song ‘On Alarm’. From now on, one highlight was hunting the previous one, ‘Are you real?’ and one of Kai’s favourite songs ‘Every Generation’ which is, after his opinion, always on topic. Along to the following song ‘Trapped today, Trapped tomorrow’, a little story was told: The single was mixed up with the BONEY M ‘Best of’ and when the band proudly opened the single to listen to it, they got more than one hour BONEY M. But in Cologne you got of course the FURY song accompanied again with nostalgic pictures from the band history. After the slower ‘Haunted Head and Heart’ the party was started again with ‘Cry of out’ and ‘Milk and Honey’, presented along to an explosive light show with fast moving bright spots. With ‘When I’m dead and gone’ some sportiness found its way into the venue when the whole crowd was waving arms during the song. What an incredible sight! With probably the very time biggest hit ‘Time to Wonder’ the main set ended under huge applause. Goose bumps and definitely a lump in my throat because this song was always something special for me.

But of course the band was not allowed to leave yet; several more hits were still missing. The band came back on stage with the rocking ‘Kick it out’ followed by ‘Riding on a dead horse’. The beloved classic ‘Won’t forget these days’ followed, accompanied with the chant out of thousands of throats. Yeah, we will not forget the last twenty years. When the band left the stage after this song again, the crowd was still singing this song. And it sounded fantastic. But still the evening was not over yet. The second encore started with ‘Come on’ followed by the ballad ‘Down there’. Again, FURY left the stage just to come back for a very last song. With ‘Seconds to fall’ the band said “Farewell & Goodbye” to the fans, like it was written in big letter in the back of stage. This show was such a fantastic best of show with several songs to remember the past. Too sad that soon, after the final show in Hannover in August, the era FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE will be just history.

00. Intro
01. Cut myself into Pieces
02. Hang the DJ
03. Hello and Goodbye
04. Radio Orchid
05. Jericho
06. Then she said
07. Dancing in the Sunshine
08. Should have known better
09. One good Reason
10. Bring me home
11. On Alarm
12. Are you real?
13. Every generation got its own disease
14. Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow
15. Haunted Head and Heart
16. Cry it out
17. Milk and Honey
18. When I’m dead and gone
19. Time to wonder
20. Kick it out
21. Riding on a dead Horse
22. Won’t forget these days
23. Come on
24. Down there
25. Seconds to fall

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9.5

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