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013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
29th of Februrary 2008
HIM, Paradise Lost

People had been spending their day, and perhaps even night in front of the 013. Blankets, pillows, umbrella’s, soda cans; it was quite a mess in front of the venue. You’d wonder if these people have ever heard of a dumpster. Let’s hope they got to that place in front of the stage they were so eager to reach. There were many visitors from Germany and even from England. It seems HIM is one of those bands with a lot of die hard (scream loud) fans.

Paradise Lost

After visiting us last year on their own tour they now join HIM on his European tour. It may seem like a not so very likely combination but it turned out just fine.

The sound during the Paradise Lost performance was great. A fabulous performance. Nick Holmes might not have the same voice as he did in the earlier years of Paradise Lost but he is doing just fine. The bass was deep and low and just at the right level. After ‘Unreachable’ from In Requiem we were treated to ‘One Second’, ‘So Much Is Lost’ and ‘The Last Time’. A great opening of this evening.

It was good to see that the band was received so well by the audience. They were clapping along when asked and some even sang along. This enthusiasm of the audience transferred to the band and vice versa. Holmes even sung the audience a “thank you Tilburg”. Steve Edmonson (bass) was rocking the hardest of them all, banging his head and playing his bass to the max.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8


When Paradise Lost finished the stage was quickly changed in to some sort of a living room. Persian rugs on the floor, granny lamps and a huge painting at the back of the stage (the album cover). Even the roadies got cheered on by the audience. This so they could warm up their throats and scream even louder for HIM.

On the album the songs of HIM sound smooth, finished. But live there is more power, you get to hear a more raw side of Vile's voice. We didn't hear just his voice though, at times he kept still so the audience could display their vocal talents. We were treated to classics such as '666', 'Razorblade Romance', 'Join Me In Death' but also a lot of songs from the new album. Unfortunately not one of the most catching songs from the new album 'Love In Cold Blood'. It was a great mixture with enough to hear for those who don't know the new album that well. That is a great quality of course. After the encore (Razorblade Kiss) there was another song... although song might be a big word for it. It turned out to be a single grunt and that was it. Funny way to end a concert.

The light show was great but there was little front light. The most prominent front lights were the thousands of flashes of cameras of fans. At the side of the stage there were 3 poles with TL lamps and other lights on it which gave the stage some extra depth. Leading the focus even more to the backdrop. During 'Funeral of Hearts' there was even a disco atmosphere, not only because of these lamps, no, there was even a disco ball! The entire venue was spinning with the little lights reflected by the mirrors of the ball. The fans had brought many gifts for HIM. There were animal washing cloths, which were then placed over bottles so they stood up straight on the drum stage. There was some underwear... and to top it all off even a vibrator. Which he then used to tap the beat on his microphone. While smoking one cigarette after another and speaking inaudible Vile made his way through the concert. With all the screaming fans, good music and a great atmosphere it was a great evening!

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 9
Total: 7 (6,8)

All pictures taken by Cristel Brouwer,

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