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Title: The Weight of All Things
Artist: Hiroshima Will Burn
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 10th August 2009
Label: Lacerated Enemy Records

Album Review

HIROSHIMA WILL BURN's ‘The Weight of All Things’ dishes out a handful of tracks each one more considerable than its last. For instance opener ‘Methodical Disfigurement’ instantly brings out the styling of Necrophagist having that same fact pacing energy - the instrumentals combing together to create this non-stop sensation of music that just overpowers the listener. ‘Martyium’ is another band comparison going down the musical roots of ALL SHALL PERISH with vocal fancy’s of ORIGIN keeping the intensity of the music constantly flowing as each song clashes right on through right up until the very ending which concludes with ‘The Black Death’, an ending to an astounding album with pure essence when establishing the music its creating. HIROSHIMA WILL BURN is your modern death metal band adding their own uniqueness to the tone of the music, which makes them that much more catchy and so upbeat.


01. Methodical Disfigurement 4:37
02. In Voluptate Mors 4:25
03. Enigmatic Consumption 3:33
04. Laberinto 3:49
05. Martyrium 4:34
06. Defilement 3:28
07. Ad Pondus Omnium 4:41
08. The Black Death 2:29


Josh Reynolds - Drums
Anthony Mar - Bass
Tyrone Burke - Guitar
Armarin Saengsri - Guitar


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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