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Title: Metvernichter
Artist: Feuerschwanz
Genre: Medieval
Release: 18th September2009
Label: Deaf Shepherd

Album Review

And so we move to part three of Hauptmann FEUERSCHWANZ' tale with this the third studio album from this great comedy medieval band. The first track introduces us to the premise for the album followed quickly by the album named 'Metvernichter', a steady paced track with their usual excellent fiddle to the fore and a suitably catchy chorus. Despite its title 'Ich will tanzen' (I want to dance) isn't as catchy as its predecessor but still perfectly singable and with a steady driving beat is bound to get your feet tapping. If you've ever seen them live you will appreciate the problems in translating exactly what their stage show is like to an album but somewhere along the line 'Hurra hurra die Pest ist da' is most like the live FEUERSCHWANZ experience as it amusingly rollicks along nicely. 'Vampir' is next up with a decidedly languid and easy pace, being melancholy of tune but in true FEUERSCHWANZ style is so much more as it livens up.

'Schnaps und Schnecken' is an absurdly riotous track, again with awesome fiddle playing. The sound is good across the whole album but there's a great clarity to the next track 'Der Troll' and a more serious heavy sound about the whole group who are, despite their comedy element, excellent musicians. The almost Irish sounding 'Für eine Nacht' slows the pace right down before we are launched straight back into some great pipe playing and bodrhan work on 'Schwanzonate' which lulled me into thinking it was purely instrumental as there are no lyrics for a good half of the song. 'Der Ekel' has a great eastern air to it in a funky sort of way and is another fast paced song and 'Ferdinand' is guaranteed to get you dancing whether you like it or not. 'Loreley' follows and then I know I can hear the Irish influence in 'Falsche Rose' which I think I'm still singing (be warned it really gets in your head and stays there no matter what).

Unlike other medieval bands who often hark to the more morbid sounds of the period, these guys really celebrate the bawdy tavern song aspect and 'Zehn kleine Ritterlein' belts along like a thousand such songs from my childhood. 'Die einsame Träne' is a non musical treat and I'll leave you to discover it for yourselves but it links in nicely to the final track 'Am Feuer'. I love FEUERSCHWANZ dearly having given them rave reviews after their gig at Hoernerfest and this album is a great addition to their previous two, being amusing, singable and enjoyable musically. They're a pretty unique group and although not much could possibly give anyone an idea of how good their live show is this album is the next best thing and will be welcomed by anyone who is a fan and a good few who are not yet if they choose to give it a chance.


01. Es war einmal... Teil III
02. Metvernichter
03. Ich will tanzen
04. Hurra hurra die Pest ist da
05. Vampir
06. Schnaps und Schnecken
07. Der Troll
08. Für eine Nacht
09. Schwanzonate
10. Der Ekel
11. Ferdinand
12. Loreley
13. Falsche Rose
14. Zehn kleine Ritterlein
15. Die einsame Träne
16. Am Feuer

Line up

Hauptmann Feuerschwanz
Johanna von der Vögelweide
Sir Lanzeflott
Knappe Latte
Prinz Hodenherz
Hans der Aufrechte


Cover Picture


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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