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Artist: Feuerschwanz
Title: Wunsch ist Wunsch
Genre: Medieval, Metal
Release Date: 18th March 2010
Label: Deaf Sheperd Recordings

Album Review

Beginning with a spoken introduction over birdsong which then leads to track 2 'Wir Lieben Dudelsack' we are offered a taste (in German) of what's going on next in the FEUERSCHWANZ universe. The music is tight and well executed which is to be expected judging by their previous albums this track having a more funky edge to it than their more straightforwardly historical stuff. 'Jungfernkranz' is more medieval with a dose of ACDC chucked in for good luck and this feel-good band already have me singing along and tapping my feet.

Frantic pipes and a galloping pace give 'Wunsch ist Wunsch' a real kick with an unexpectedly pretty female vocal. 'Latte' is pure medieval and a really nice track, entertaining and everything I'd expect of this band who are quite an awesome act by anyone's standards. 'Monogamie' careers along nicely leading us next to another purely medieval track 'Maria'. Gorgeous Spanish guitars and violins make sure we don't forget exactly how talented this band are as musicians amongst the fun and humour as 'Des Kriegers Sohn' comes next, a really quality track. If you like plainchant you'll love this next one 'Der Henker' whose unaccompanied intro would give any good harmonising choir a run for it's money. The driving rock beat afterwards is particularly pleasing and I think this is probably for me the best track on the whole album.

Dirty guitars and a chugging jolly riff herald 'Toleranz' which for some reason ( please forgive me for this guys) reminds me of Meatloaf (and not in a bad way) so it's all good. 'Metmaschine' has a distinctly robotic feel to it, like the sound a steam engine makes with awesome medieval jiggery-pokery over the top and it's a really welcome track being utterly compelling listening. Can this band get any broader and more fun? Apparently yes they can because 'Vorspiel' is a little interlude straight out of a Vincent Price B movie. Awesomeness in the extreme! The penultimate track ' Symposium' is a sing-along masterpiece with a great tune and an easy to remember lyric. The final offering 'Albrecht der Bruchpilot' brings proceedings to a tidy halt with a great tune, wonderful instrumentation and I find it a thoroughly well put to together track.

I'm a bit of a FEURSCHWANZ fan and it never ceases to amaze me how much further with each album they can take things. This is no exception being all in all a really solid album with something for anyone be they die hard fans or new to these great performers.


01. Es war einmal... (Part 4)
02. Wir lieben Dudelsack
03. Jungfernkranz
04. Wunsch ist Wunsch
05. Latte
06. Monogamie
07. Maria
08. Des Kriegers Sohn
09. Der Henker
10. Toleranz
11. Metmaschine
12. Vorspiel
13. Symposium
14. Albrecht der Bruchpilot


Hauptmann Feurschwanz – Vocals
Johanna von der Vögelweide – Violin
Sir Lanzeflott – Drums
Knappe Latte – Bass
Prinz R. Hodenherz III. - Pipes, Bagpipes
Hans der Aufrechte – Guitars

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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