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witt dom
Artist: Joachim Witt
Title: DOM
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 28th September 2012
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

It’s been six years since the Golden Rider Joachim Witt released his last studio album. This year, the musician signed on Sony Music again. The representatives of Sony do believe in Witt and his new work pretty much. They consider the singer as one of the most influential musician since the 80s. It has been also told about the magic between the businessmen and the musician. The songwriter Michelle Leonard took part in ‘DOM’. She already worked with Witt on his previous album ‘Bayreuth III’ and is also famous for her cooperation with Tarja Turunen, Sarah Connor, GREGORIAN and many others. Mirko Schaffer produced the album, who worked with such acts as DIE ÄRZTE and Xavier Naidoo. So till now everything says that the new Joachim Witt’s album should become one of the most awaited musical events of this year. The album will be released as the regular CD, double album, deluxe edition, as well as on vinyl.

Listening to this album I had to remember on school lessons in physics. Once they told about a number of soldiers who came over a bridge. The soldiers marched in step. As they reached the middle of the bridge, they destroyed it. It happened because the frequency of their steps was even to the resonance of the bridge. The same thing happens, listening to the new Joachim Witt’s album: vibrations of his music shake the universe of the listener and are about to destroy all the physical limits and let the soul free. ‘DOM’ is the cosmic opera, embracing the spectre of human emotions from desperation and sorrow till love and passion. More over each of the emotions in his songs is on the higher, if not the highest, level of its existence. If it’s love – then entire love, if tango – then tango on the edge of the blade, if desperation – then so loud that the stars could hear, if sorrow – then till angels cry. The wonderful orchestra arrangements grow from a lonesome acoustic guitar line and are decorated by angels’ vocals. The pulsations on the album send shivers down the spine, and each song gives a rhythm for the next four-five minutes. Even after six years of break Witt didn’t lose his amazing feeling for music and recorded another magical authentic album of his.


01. Gloria
02. Jetzt Geh
03. Tränen
04. Blut
05. Königreich
06. Beben
07. Mut eines Kriegers
08. Licht im Ozean
09. Komm nie wieder zurück
10. Leichtsinn
11. Untergehen

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witt dom


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Extras: various different versions of the release
Total: 10 / 10

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