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WITT - Angelzoom - Nik Page

This tour will be an extraordinary live event with top-class musicians and a charming athmosperic show.

"Joachim Witt", "Angelzoom" and "Nik Pag"e will be on tour together as a logical consequence of their collaboration (CD "Sinmachine", MCD "Back in the Moment", MCD "Dein Kuss"). The artists will play a two-hour concert together and add some very new aspects to their songs by some interesting duett-constellations.

"Joachim Witt", "Blind Passengers" mastermind "Nik Page" and "Angelzoom- / X-Perience" singer Claudia Uhle will be accompanied by the band "Silly" (Uwe Hassbecker, Ritchie Barton und Jäckie Reznicek) as well as some strings of the band "Letzte Instanz" (Benni Shelini - Cello and Rico Schwibs - Violin).
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Meistersinger Konzerte & Promotion GmbH


  03.02.2005        Berlin    Kulturbrauerei - Kesselhaus, Germany
  04.02.2005        Leipzig    Anker, Germany
  05.02.2005        Jena    F-Haus, Germany
  07.02.2005        München    Georg-Elser-Halle, Germany
  08.02.2005        Augsburg    Spectrum, Germany
  09.02.2005        Wien    Planet Music, Germany
  11.02.2005        Karlsruhe    Substage, Germany
  15.02.2005        Bochum    Matrix, Germany
  16.02.2005        Krefeld    Kulturfabrik, Germany
  17.02.2005        Münster     Jovel Music Hall, Germany
  19.02.2005        Potsdam    Lindenpark, Germany

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