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apocalyptica_intro.jpgE-Werk, Cologne, Germany
April 4th 2005
Apocalyptica, Angelzoom

Again the about 2500 people grasping E-Werk in Cologne was sold out. When I arrived at 18.30, what was half an hour before the doors opened, I had to pass quite a long queue of people waiting to see their idols. As I´ve heard later, some of them were standing there from the early afternoon on. As the doors opened a little before 19.00 people started to run into the venue to gain a place in the first row.


Angelzoom is the new project of Claudia Uhle the former singer of the band "X-perience". For her solo project she got a lot of support from other bands and artists such as "Apocalyptica", "Letzte Instanz", "Inchtabokatables", "Nik Page" or "Joachim Witt". As support for "Apocalyptica" she was again acompanied by Benni Shelini on Cello and Rico Schwibs on Violin from the band "Letzte Instanz". Additionaly she had a keyboard player with her.

From the very beginning there was again a great sound in the E-Werk. Claudia has surely one of the most fascinating voices in the German pop music business. The audience of the E-Werk could hear what I mean with that. Claudia´s clear voice sounded through the hall, accompanied by cello, violin and keyboard, performing songs of her first solo album "Angelzoom" which also includes some cover versions of famous songs. In Cologne, she presented for example "Into my arms" from "Deine Lakaien" and "Crawling" from "Linking Park". Outstanding was the actual single "Back in the Moment" which was the second song of the set, and the first single of the actual album "Fairyland" which the band performed as their last song of the evening.

Claudia again entered the stage after the three other musicians, wearing a long red coat which suited her very well in combination with her wonderful red hair. She was definitely the eye catcher of the show. That must be the reason why she was always lightened with bright lights from the front while there was mostly red light and smoke in her back. According to the mostly quite calm music the show was a bit static too. But Schwibs and Benni brought a bit more life into it. For the last song "Fairyland" all musicians got a bit more rollik and even the keyboard player was standing up behind his instrument hitting the keys. I had the impression that the audience liked the set very much. But of course all were waiting now for the main act entering the stage.

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 8
Light 7
Total 8 (7.5)


The band proves that rock music isn't to do with the instrument you play, but the attitude you keep. Or maybe the one you're born with. The classically-trained cellists attempted to fuse together the seemingly disparate worlds of classical music & hard rock. Three further studio outings and a couple of line-up changes down the line, and Apocalyptica stand (or, more accurately, sit!) as a major force in the world of popular music; a trio - now enhanced by drummer Mikko Siren - who have sold almost two million albums worldwide, played in well over 20 different countries (Mexico, Russia & Japan included), recorded with guest vocalists such as German 'punk godmother' Nina Hagen, picked up high-profile awards for video & export achievements, remixed/reworked tracks for other name artists (Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep), Special Guested with Metallica (twice!) and still found time to record a new album, set for release through Universal Music Germany in late January/early February 2005. (
Today, we had 5 people on stage: Eicca Toppinen, Paavo Lotjonen, Perttu Kivilaakso, drummer Mikko Siren and former band member Antero. So this time there were 4 seats with the cut out skulls placed on the stage. Behind them there was the drum set for Mikko on a podest. The back of the stage was covered with a with something like leaves patterned curtain. The lights went down during the intro and appeared again in yellow and lilac shades, projecting the shadows of the skulls onto the back of the stage. Cheers in the audience got stronger and stonger. The show could begin!

Has anyone said a rock concert needs voices? Apocalyptica proved that there is no need for that. At Cologne they played a mixture between old and new, cover- and own songs. Like it´s usual for the E-Werk the sound was brilliant. Perhaps a bit loud on the tribune, but well balanced in the inner hall. The 4 guys on the chellos are real perfectionists... using their instruments in every position... even laying on the floor or raised high above their heads. Mikka maltreated his drums sitting or even standing behind them... trying to go with the speed of the music. And he did very well! Of course there were no guest singers with them like on CD... as for example Ville Valo or Lauri Ylonen on the song "Bittersweet" or German "Die Happy" singer Martha on "Wie weit" (The new Apocalyptica-single "Wie Weit" introduces three versions of the "Apocalyptica"-track "Quutamo"). But singer weren´t neccessary. For the Metallica songs for example the crowd was singing along with the music even though I sometimes had the impression that they did not know the lyrics very well.

Apocalyptica showed once again that you can bang your head also when sitting on a chair. And from the very beginning of the show the audience was moshing together with the guys on stage. Starting with the song "Path" and the "Metallica" cover "Master of Puppets" the energy is floating through the hall right from the start and makes people to clapp along with the band and cheer with enthusiasm. The slower song "Somewhere" follows and after that, the audience is welcomed in their German home language. After some more fast songs there comes time to relax during the ballad "farewell" where the stage is painted with blue light. After "Wie weit" and 2 more songs follows the probably fasted song of the set "Betrayal" where Mikka had to give all he could. Time for some relaxing after that for him. Also Perttu was sweating so he undressed his shirt. Then follows a calmer song, "Apocalypticas" interpretation of the "Metallica" classic "Nothing else matters". Especially during the encores the band is going mad, Eicca crawls with his chello on the floor and all are running around the stage. After nearly 2 hours a great concerts finds it´s and leaving a happy audience.

01. Path
02. Master of Puppets
03. Somewhere
04. Fight fire with fire
05. Farewell
06. Wie weit (Quutamo)
07. Heat
08. Distraction
09. Betrayal
10. Nothing else matters
11. Refuse/Resist
12. For whom the bells toll
13. Life burns
14. Prologue
15. Bittersweet
16. Seek & destroy
17. Creeping Death
18. Inquisition Symphony
19. Enter Sandman
20. Hall of the Mountain King
Music 8
Performance 9
Sound 8
Light 8
Total 8 (8.3)

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