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Lowlands, Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands
August 20th 2005
Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Marilyn Manson

Lowlands is a festival where people not only come for the music. There is theatre, comedians and writers, but also politicians in discussions; Ruud Lubbers is there to warn us about the enviroment. Luckely the bad weather passed this area and the sunshine makes it more comfertable. Three days of this festival and it brings the visitor in a totally different mood: more relaxed and tolerant. More then 50.000 people are walking around and between all those attractive tents. There is metal this weekend, and although it is not much, it is high quality.

Apocalyptica (by CB)

This day, my boyfriend and I had the pleasure to join Nightwish at the Lowlands festival. I had the wish to see a couple of bands that day, such as Apocalyptica. The dressing rooms of Nightwish and Apocalytica were next to each other, so as soon as both bands had arrived, the two dressing rooms were formed into one called ‘Nightlyptica’. It promised to be a joyful day…

In an industry well-versed in putting bands into boxes, then nailing down the lid, Apocalyptica have always kept their wings well spread; not just as an international market-leader (though that cap most certainly fits), but as a group who have effectively created a market of their own - a tight-knit troupe who continue to prove that rock music doesn’t have to do with the instrument you play, but the attitude you keep. Or maybe the one you're born with... The band seem to favour 'Cello Rock', simple as that, but in reality 'Apocalyptica' pretty much says it all...

Unfortunately I arrived 5 minutes late so I missed the beginning of the concert. According to the screaming crowd in front of the stage I can assume that it had started off great. Some old songs like the Metallica covers ‘Enter Sandman’ en ‘Master of Puppets’ were exchanged with some new material from their latest album simply called ‘Apocalyptica’. I have to say that hearing Metallica played by four cello’s live gives it a whole other dimension. I loved it as much as the audience. They got wild during the Metallica covers and the security had to catch a couple of crowdsurfers. The sound was excellent and the new drummer they have touring with them right now, gives Apocalyptica the power the need.

That the band was really enjoying themselves was very obvious. They made a lot of contact with the audience by standing up and involving them into some song with the old famous ‘singing-along-with-hey-hey-hey!’ The lightshow was greatly done: they gave the performance a dreamy, but still powerful look. A lot of pink was used exchanged by some blue and simple white. My compliments to the light engineer!

01. Path
02. Master of Puppets
03. Somewhere
04. Nothing Else Matters
05. Quutamo
06. Life Burns
07. Betrayal
08. Bittersweet
09. Seek & Destroy
10. Inquisition Symphony
11. Enter Sandman
12. Hall of the Mountain King


Music 9
Performance 9
Sound 9
Light 9
Total 9

Bad Religion

(by SD)

It is the second time that this gothmetalband enters the biggest stage of the lowlands festival. The big, red Alfa tent is allready packed in the morning, but when the time comes closer also both sides on the grass are full with curious people. Festivals are many times a killer for the bands but this Finish band seems to like it here. (Maybe the big green field remembers them of home). Many people came especially for this band.

More then two years are passed after the last time on lowlands. Then they promoted the Century Child record, but now they are back with full forces to promote Once. There are more differences. The band is getting more and more professionalised. The sound is much better and female vocalist Tarja has a deeper voice. Not only the high parts, but there is more variarty in the other tones. It is a uptempo set with heavy songs what makes is very intensitive for the band to bring it perfect, because there is no second to calm down.

It is a gig with a lot of contradictions. There is the first song ‘Dark Chest Of Wonders’where the choirarrangements reinforce the vocals of Tarja and bassplayer Marco. In compare with Tarjas voice the songs are not sweetly, but some heavy metal with a catchy sound. Dansable, loud, but also sensitive. All those things come together in this gig. The sound is perfect: both vocalists are good to hear and all the instruments are in balance. With the white light the emotions on their faces are good to see.


With her eyes closed, bent forward over the microphone standard, Tarja brings some real emotions. A big smile is there when she sees all those people singing along with ‘Nemo.’
There is a lot of interaction with the audience. She is walking around and really looks the people in the eyes. She is more open then I have ever seen. Maybe it has to deal with the fact that this gig is no part of the tour. Also the other members are more relaxed on stage. Empu is running around as useal and plays on Marcos bass. The adraline is growing and the band gives more then hundred procent.
Tuomas is in trance, bend over to the keybord, sweaty and with his eyes closed. There is also a big smile when he feels the emotions in the audience. It is getting more emotional when Marco the last song is played for André from After Forever: ,,He needed an angel this winter.” With those words the last song ‘I wish I had an angel’is played.  All the power is gone when the band finally had to quit. Tarja is tired but statisfied: ,, Thank you so much, you were all very kind to us!” Nightwish is not a fairytale, but a real band with some strong emotions inside.

01. Dark Chest of Wonders
02. The Siren
03. Ever Dream
04. Kinslayer
05. Planet Hell
06. Wishmaster
07. Slaying the Dreamer
08. Nemo
09. Ghost Love Score
10. I wish I had an angel

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 9 (9.3)

Marilyn Manson
(by EE/SA)

The son of the devil has arrived at Lowlands, a lot of people wanted to go and see this. The main stage totally filled up in the minutes approaching the start of the show. Outside people were sitting on the grass hills surrounding the tent watching at the big tv systems that will show all of the concert. The first few lines of the audience sure are fans and admirers of the band, behind them the curious crowd, will their waiting be rewarded?

The band, consisting of Ginger Fish (drums), John 5 (guitar), Tim Skold (bass), Madonna Wayne Gaycy (keys) and last but not least Marilyn Manson on vocals. This band manages to put some mean sound through the speakers, sometimes maybe even too mean because Marilyn Manson does have problems at times to match it's power. Controversial lyrics from his own songs like 'the Dope show' or 'Fight song'are exchanged with the critically acclaimed covers the band plays. Eurithmics hit song 'Sweet dreams (are made of this)', Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' and of course Marilyn Manson's hit single and Depeche Mode classic 'Personal Jesus'. Although there are many times the singer is off stage changing into a new outfit the gap is filled up by the band, all nicely done, all nicely orchistrated, which might just be one of the downsides to this concert. It's all to orchestrated and directed, spontanious actions seem to be forbidden. The sound in the tent was good, right sound level to match the agressive music, well balanced.

A black band painted across his eyes, red lips, black hair casually styled and a tight fitting outfit is where things start for Marilyn Manson. Tim Skold is dressed in an open skirt for the occasion while John 5 completes the crossdressing parade tonight. After some songs Marilyn Manson appears in a military uniform which at close inspection turns out to be a Dutch one of a second lieutenant of the Artillery, quite a nice detail. After this the stilts drop by making him rise high above the rest of the band. Quite a contrast with other moments when he sits down on stage or even lies on his back behind the monitors. In the mean time the background is lit with a curtain of small lights showing either parts of lyrics or even faces of dictators of the 20th century. The rest of the stage is covered in coloured light with bright spots on John 5 and Tony, and a small catwalk for Marilyn Manson to stand on in a oasis of light. Again everything looks very professional but it's not very spontanious. To the ignorant bystander this might have been a deception but the fans go wild, the don't seem to care for the lack of obsceneties, they just love to party to the music. Which is, if you let go, the best way to enjoy a very enjoyable concert. An older woman, who has just witnessed the exhausted faces of the fans coming out of the tent says: "They look like they've just returend from a funeral", and although they are all in black the goths do let a smile escape every now and then.

01. Intro
02. The Love Song
03. Disposable Teens
04. (m)Obscene
05. Tourniquet
06. Personal Jesus
07. Great Big White world
08. Tainted Love
09. The Fight Song
10. The Nobodies
11. The Dope Show
12. Rock is Dead
13. Sweet Dreams
14. The Beautiful People
15. Outro

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8

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