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Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin, Germany
24th June 2007
Zita Rock Festival: Krieger, Knorkator, Oomph, Marilyn Manson

Cidadel Music Festival ( presented the first Zita Rock Festival 2007 at Zitadelle Spandau! And the first line-up was really great: MARILYN MANSON, KNORKATOR, OOMPH! and KRIEGER. The Zitadelle Spandau is a little castle and beautiful place for dark concerts - the only one of its kind in Berlin.

We arrived at that wonderful place at the right time, but unfortunately we missed the show of Krieger, because Trinity Concerts had to cancel the accreditation for the photographer on short notice. We were going all length but it wasn’t possible to bring our stuff inside. So we are really sorry that we cannot bring all information to you. Hope it will be possible for next time at Zitadelle Spandau.

KNORKATOR are a rock band from Berlin. Stumpen (vocals), Alf Ator (keyboard) and Buzz Dee (guitar) found together in 1994. Later they found their fame as chaos-comedy-band with new band members Nick Aragua and Tim Buktu.

KNORKATOR carried in the genre Fun Metal very well. I thought the lead singer Stumpen ate a German dictionary before he came to stage because he did a good job in bombarding the fans between the titles with some pleasant eloquent German words. The music itself was how we know it from them, but sadly limited for most people. It became beyond all bearings after a few songs. But they didn't stop playing, it went on and on.

Stumpen was like during every concert nearly naked. He wore just a pink-flower G-String. The keyboarder Alf Ator played on a faked instrument but with a Human keyboard tripod comprising of two barely clothed girls. He used this a few times as a drum. Intermediately the girls were naked and run across the stage. The expanded foam keyboard flew into the audience during "ich hasse Musik". After the vegetable-throw-machine had done its work, Stumpen tried to jump from the stage. He missed the auditorium and arrived at the ground. Could have been funny, but it has probably hurt him!
Music: 5
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 5.9

Dero, Flux and Crap decided to be OOMPH! in 1989. The name means something like "sex-appeal", "verve" or "loaded energy". Already in 1990 they could sign a contract with Jor Mulder, the producer of the independent label "Machinery Records Berlin". With their single CD ‘Ich bin du’, they earned international fame in 1993. They were travelling a lot and presented their music i.e. even in New York. OOMPH! changed to the major label Virgin Records in 1998. After that they made several hits like ‘Fieber’ featuring Nina Hagen, or ‘Das weiße Licht’. In February 2004 they celebrate their number one charts hit ‘Augen auf!’ and the top 10 hit ‘Brennende Liebe’.

OOMPH! played nothing from their new stuff. In my opinion it was one of the worst concerts I have ever heard. The songs were played one after another, without any show experience or show highlights. I couldn’t hear any advancement in their music. The live drummer seemed bored while he was playing, if you have heard him playing previously in the sound check where he showed us his huge skills, you know why.

Lead singer Dero came to stage with a straitjacket. The guitar players Flux and Crap came costumed as priests. The rest wasn't well worth seeing. The audience was quiet in good motion and was dancing and singing. But if you saw it from an impartial side you could notice that it was really nothing new. It was nothing more than if you listen to them at home.
Music: 1
Performance: 1
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 2.5

Before the beginning, 1:1 cloned MANSON Fans stalked in the ruins of Zitadelle Spandau. As all know that the concert will start, they came all together out of all dark places. A big curtain protected the stage from the curious vistas of the audience. The fans were screaming as MARILYN MANSON spilled the beans. It was forgotten that MANSON started too late. There are some theories about his belatedness on the KNORKATOR website.
MANSON’s show was a right mix of new and good old songs like ‘mOBSCENE’ or ‘Disposable Teens’. Naturally most songs were taken from the new album ‘Eat me - Drink me’. The songs were very quiet and contemplative. The sound was very nice. All fans rocked, also in the backward of the venue. The end of the show was great because a rain of little white papers finished the concert.
If you like to see MANSON again in Germany you have the chance at following dates:
27.11. München, Zenith
30.11. Böblingen, Sporthalle
02.12. Hamburg, Sporthalle
03.12. Offenbach, Stadthalle
MARILYN MANSON started his performance with a candle stage and a knife on his microphone. Different than expected his show was fairly quiet. Those who knew their shows as sick and inconvenient where surprised about that evening. He lilted to all fans in every direction and moved his body from time to time on the flour of stage. MANSON seemed to like the handle into his pants as well. The fans like it!

01. If I Was Your Vampire
02. Disposable Teens
03. You And Me And The Devil Makes 3
04. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
06. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
07. Putting Holes In Happiness
08. Just A Car Crash Away
09. Rock Is Dead
10. Heart-Shaped Glasses
11. Tainted Love
12. The Dope Show
13. Great Big White World
14. The Fight Song
15. The Beautiful People
Music: 6
Performance: 6
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 6

All pictures by Grit Rümmler

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