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oomph deswahnsinnsfettebeute
Artist: Oomph!
Title: Des Wahnsinns fette Beute
Genre: Pop-Rock / Alternative
Release Date: 18th May 2012
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

OOMPH! is one of the most discrepant band of our time. In the beginning, the band shocked critics with their ultimate aggressive music and quite outspoken lyrics with such songs as ‘Sex’ or ‘Defekt’ just to name a couple. Today they shock their own fans. It is still about music, but this time, it is too pop, too soft and too un-OOMPH! There’s nothing worse, if nobody speaks of the band or its album, so OOMPH! prefers to use every chance just to let people speak about them. The only hope, which is left, people won’t get tired of saying bad things.

As the band sharply changed their musical style in late 90s and right after pretty hard album ‘Unrein’ they released pop-rock ‘Plastik’ it was a big disappointment for fans. You could hardly find a person, who could explain what just happened. The kings of industrial used more and more guitars and metal elements and suddenly a MTV-hit ‘Das Weisse Licht’ came out. But the listener didn’t know what was waiting for them in 2000s, as the band released the biggest hit ‘Augen Auf!’ There are still people, who are waiting for industrial stuff, or love early metal experiments. But the harsh reality is there are as much fans who hate ‘Plastik’, as much fans who hate ‘Wahrheit oder Pflicht’, as much fans who hate ‘Sperm’. And this is important that now we have a chance to observe the situation from the distance, since the band plays over 20 years. And it is useless to deny, even doing “wrong” pop music the band does it great and with high quality.

With every album, OOMPH! getting farer and farer from their roots. It is a time-waste to shout “do something like twenty years before” or “do the hard stuff again”. It is one of those bands which looks just forward. Somebody believes that history goes in spiral. And maybe somewhere in future there is a chance that OOMPH! will play industrial again, but on the new level. We all should get used to the thought that there will never be the second ‘Sperm’. As for the new album, ‘Des Wahnsinns fette Beute’, Dero promised that on this album there will be madness of every kind in each song. The maddest songs I would call ‘Bonobo’, where the band used scratching as the new element, and the sailors’ song ‘Seemansrose’, played in best drunken traditions. There are a lot of club-elements, although in general this album is the hardest album of their last four releases. Most of modern bands have some ideals in the past and are oriented on something what fans would like for sure. OOMPH! has its own guideline, which we will never get to know, since the band is always one step further.

However the lyrical development is more logical, than musical. In 90s Dero started as an aggressive boy, criticizing the society, shouting Nietzsche’s thesis out and appreciating sex a lot. And it is nice to know, that in twenty years the musicians developed as persons too. From boy’s hatred to everything around through young man’s sensitivity and psychological pressure straight to an adult man. On ‘Monster’ he was already the one to tell a lot of fairy-tales. This time it is kind of inner monologue of madness. And here we can notice a new step of OOMPH! If about six years ago Dero would like to be a polar bear, because then he would have no need to cry, today he’d prefer to be a chimp and have fun. Although such songs ‘Aus meiner Haut’, ‘Der Tod ist einen Herzschlag entfernt’, ‘Such mich, find mich’ and actually many more are crying for an inner conflict.

In general I think people will find the album much better, than they expect. The audience of modern music should stop talking about their inner freedom and inflate of their perfect taste in music. Open your mind at least once and come out of your underground-shell. Everything changes, and development is unstoppable. I guess there is no better musical confirmation for this as OOMPH! Pop doesn’t mean bad, when it makes fun. And if the band releases something you don’t expect, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but new and different. Isn’t it what you shout for if a different band releases albums which even hardcore fans can’t differ? Let the child play around as long as it doesn’t cry.

Tracklist (Deluxe Edition)

01. Unzerstörbar
02. Zwei Schritte Vor
03. Such Mich Find Mich
04. Bis Der Spiegel Zerbricht
05. Die Geister Die Ich Rief
06. Bonobo
07. Deine Eltern
08. Kleinstadtboy
09. Regen
10. Kosmonaut
11. Komm Zurück
12. Aus Meiner Haut
13. Seemannsrose
14. Unendlich
15. Fütter Mich
16. Der Tod Ist Ein Herzschlag Entfernt


Dero - Vocals, Drums
Crap - Guitar, Keyboards
Flux - Guitar, Sampling

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oomph deswahnsinnsfettebeute


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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